Reddit is STILL Endless Source Of FREE Marketing Traffic – IF DONE RIGHT!

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I can not say that I haven’t made any mistakes, because I did. Being in the IM games for 8 years you are bound to make mistakes. What I learned back then is something I stand by today and that is: TRAFFIC IS KING! If you do not have traffic you do not have a business.

Going forward, 3 years ago I started testing various traffic methods and while I am doing basically everything I really started to focus on 1 traffic method that somehow went neglected for years and still is.


It’s insane how much traffic Reddit gets every month and people don’t know how to monetize it properly. I have tested for months to find the correct potion and start driving traffic to my and other people’s offers.

I get asked a lot how I am able to bring in 200-300 sales per campaign and the answer is Reddit. I am constantly refreshing my buyers list and keep things interesting.

What Kind Of Results Can You Expect?

I could of easily put a screenshot of thousands made here but I am giving you honestly what you can expect from this method. Some days you will have $20 and some days you will make $400! It’s not an exact science but if you follow ReddLab method exactly how it’s shown you can expect your first paydays.

I was a newbie in the Reddit traffic game as well few years back but I still did it and so can you. It’s even easier now as there are so many Subreddits and sooo many new users are coming on Reddit every single day.

Once you find a good traffic source you are sticking with it.

We all know mayor traffic sources for IM related offers:

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Solo ads

I know a lot of your are going to say that I missed one and that is Email marketing, but I haven’t missed it. To be able to build an email list, you first need a traffic generation method.

While everyone right now is focusing on facebook (paid and free methods) I focus mostly on Reddit.

You must be wondering, why Reddit?

Let me give you few facts about Reddit first:

  • Reddit has over 330 million users worldwide
  • 140 000 Communities are on Reddit
  • 14 billion pageviews every month
  • 40 million daily searches on Reddit
  • Average visit time on Reddit is 15 minutes per user
  • Reddit has more traffic than Twitter
  • 80% of Reddit is in English

So why wouldn’t you want to market on Reddit?

Exactly, you want to market.

Reddit is a huge untapped community that can drive massive traffic your way if done properly.

Now there is 1 thing that you need to understand, there are 2 ways you can market on Reddit:

  • Free Advertising (posting on Subreddits)
  • Paid Advertising Platform

We are going to focus on Free Advertising in this ReddLab Basic package.

Reddit Free Advertising Methods

Let me explain you basic stuff about Reddit that you might not be familiar with. Reddit works and ranks posts and threads with Reddit Karma. Depends on which subreddit you use you need X amount of karma to be able to higher on Reddit so more people can see your thread, enter, click the link and that way you get free traffic.

Let me give you few facts about Reddit users:

  • Reddit users don’t like being advertised to
  • They have strong opinions
  • They like to upvote or downvote what they read
  • They act like a community

This is basically telling you that you can just create a Reddit account and go to SEO Subreddit and post an affiliate offer on some SEO Software and generate traffic. It doesn’t work like that.

You need to be a part of the community first. Like I said they don’t like being advertised to so you need to start pitching in and start being part of their community so you can post quality and valuable stuff and generate income.

Today I am going to walk you through your first post on Reddit and how you can start generating Reddit Karma the RIGHT WAY!


Go to:

And fill out the information requested to create your Free Reddit account. Once you create your Reddit account you will get 1 Karma point. So let’s assume you want to get more involved into Affiliate marketing related offers. You would need to go to Subreddits where there are people discussing IM related business.

For example you can go to:

As you can see there are 17k subscribed Reddit users to this Subreddit. You can’t just create a post promoting some affiliate offer and expect to receive thousands of clicks and sales. It doesn’t work like that and doing that will get you downvoted and probably banned. As you can see on the image above “NO ADVERTISING” Which means you can not post affiliate links at ALL. EVER!

For your first post and for your next ten posts on this subreddit you need to start posting quality and related content. That means that you need to post a video that solves a problem in that community. You need to start commenting on other people posts, start being engages and start being part of the community. All this action will start giving you upvotes and karma points.

There are 2 types of Karma Points

  • Post Karma
  • Comment Karma

You are receiving Post Karma points, when your Reddit post or link starts receiving upvotes. The more upvotes you have the higher your post will go on that subreddit.

Comment Karma is exactly the same thing but now you are receiving upvotes on your comment on another person’s post, so your comment will go higher on that post.

You can also get downvoted and loose your karma points if you start posting affiliate links, spam etc..

So you want to stay clear of that type of advertising and start contributing to the community.

Here is a little hack to get your Comment Karma higher. Start commenting on a new Reddit posts. Since the post is new it won’t have a lot of comments so yours will be in the TOP and that way you will start receiving upvotes and more people will see your comment.


This is another hack that you can use to increase your Reddit Karma points. You will go to and purchase upvotes. You will send them your post and they will upvote you so you can get higher on the Subreddit. Use this with caution. This method works great but you need to be careful.

One thing for you to pay attention to is that you should not add new posts to 1 single subreddit more than 1 time per week. This means if you go to SEO subreddit you should add 1 new post per week and not more than that. You can do the same for each subreddit you are posting to.


Use this method with extreme caution as this is not acceptable with Reddit terms of service. You can create multiple reddit accounts and use your main reddit account to make posts and comments and then upvote that with your other accounts. For that you will need a VPN. There are a lot of free VPN Services out there but as far as paid goes I suggest using “Hide my ass VPN”

You will need 1 email address for 1 account and use different IP address for each account. This is considered Grey hat marketing technique and you need to be careful.

To be able to track each account, you need to create a spreadsheet with each account username, email address and ip address. Use your main account to comment and post and your other accounts to upvote.

Now that you have the basic understanding on how Reddit works and how are you able to build your Reddit account and start posting content that brings in traffic. You need to start getting more engagement. To start getting more engagement you need quality content that people like and are interested in and it needs to fit into that subreddit.

You need to identify TOP 20-30 Subreddits that you will use for your business. Depends on the niche you are those will be your top subreddits that you will join and post, comment on a regular basis.

If you do not want to search for yourself we have 40 IM related Subreddits already set aside for you above if you upgrade your account.

Moving on…

Now you want to start posting offers related to your business and you want to start generating traffic that you desire so much. This is the minimum requirements that you need to have to achieve that:

  • Have minimum 1000 Reddit Karma points
  • Have minimum 10 posts upvoted
  • Have minimum 10 comments upvoted

Now that you have achieved that you can move on to the next step. This can easily be achieved in the next 24hrs if you have list of subreddits in your niche and multiple accounts to work with.

Maintain 3:1 ratio. This means that every 3rd post you make on Reddit should be about your business and the other 2 should be quality content that you are not affiliated with.

Here is an example of ecom related post that got ton of traffic and sales:

As you can see they are related to the Subreddit, they give value and sell stuff in the process. AND IT WORKS! This is exactly what you will be doing. And now you will be creating the accounts you need to start selling.

After you create all the accounts above you need to start searching for the right offer.

Searching the Right Offer on WarriorPlus+, JvZoo and Clickbank

I won’t go too much into details with this but I will make few bullet points that you need to stick with:

  • You need to find quality vendor
  • Offer needs to have at least 250+ Sales
  • Conversion Rate at minimum of 7%
  • Refund Rate no greater than 10%
  • Related to the Subreddit you want to post it to.

After you follow these steps you will find a good offer to promote.

The same bullet points apply to JvZoo and Clickbank. Always stick to reputable offers that work.

Stick to this: DON’T OVER PROMOTE!

Another great thing that you can do to start getting valuable upvotes and karma point is giving people free stuff. You can create a squeeze page and give away an ebook, training or something like that.

Increase Visibility of Your Reddit Posts


every time you post a valuable content on Reddit, share it on Twitter, Facebook and invite your friends to upvote it. You will start receiving traffic from other sources as well and you will start giving value to your Reddit Posts.

Comment and Reply to Everyone:

Every time you have someone comment, ask a question, you reply back. Every time! Even if it’s just to thank them you need to do it. With every upvote you get you will get more visible on Reddit and people will start following you.

I can’t stress this enough but you need to bring value. Reddit users don’t like being blatantly sold something, they don’t mind occasional promotion but you need to bring in the value.

Ok assuming you have done everything right and now you have a Reddit account with at least 1000+ Karma points, have a lot of posts and comments, now you can start advertising and start generating traffic.

This is how you need to start.


  • Identify Subreddit you want to post on
  • Create a page for Redditers to go to
  • Make a valuable post sharing quality content
  • Give them free ebook or training in return for their email address

You can grab high quality PLR training for $2-$3 that you can give away in return for their email address.

You need to build a squeeze page where you will drive your traffic to and put a sign up form on the page.

Go to:

Create your free account then go to:

And in less than 5 minutes you can have an AMAZING Squeeze page set up, and the best part is that it’s already on your Sendlane account so you will start building your email list INSTANTLY!


This is the final step. Now that you have provided quality content, built your Reddit account, gave away free stuff, you have all the accounts set up.

You need to chose the offer that you want to promote and build a review page of the product you are promoting.

Go to Sendlane and then go to Landing Pages. Click on a page that has a lot of text and do a review on that product, you can even do a video review, add all the bullet points and connect that page with an affiliate link and voila.

Now you have a link to post on Reddit that is not an affiliate link but a review that you did on that product and now you can start posting it on Reddit.

In just a few days you can have a high valued Reddit account that can drive a lot of traffic.

Before I check out I want to give you a few pointers on how to behave on


  • Be humble (don’t be afraid of criticism)
  • Be funny
  • Help people
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Don’t be afraid to tell people when they are wrong

Go through all the videos as we explained in more detail what kind of offers to look for on Affiliate networks, how to boost your link karma, create Reddit accounts, use VPN software and more.

I will leave you with this. Anything worth having takes effort and you need to take massive action to make it work. Don’t get fooled there is no magic button that you press and it will make you thousands of dollars. Treat this like business and in return it will make you a lot of money.