Rank Local Businesses on the FIRST page of Google – Profit from NOOBS like a PRO!

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This is your road map to selling online services and ranking local businesses on the first page of Google. And how to get paid handsomely by solving the problem that most small businesses have.

I’m going to show you everything that I do daily to make money as an offline consultant. In this course, we are going to be working with Business Owners, attorneys, dentists, and many more. The great thing is that the majority of what I show you to do in this course can be outsourced. There by freeing up your time to go out and grow your business.

I want you to get that first paying client paying you at least $600 to

$900/month in the first 35 days. 5 clients in 60 days which is at least

$3,000/month and 10 Clients in 90 Days which comes to $6,000/month.

Go get that first client.

In August, Google completely turned our world upside down. The algorithm changed and no longer were press releases ranking for the 3-pack. So when Google changed, we had to change.

The SEO or Search Engine Optimization portion of the course is going to be a very basic introduction. My goal is not to make you an SEO wizard. I want to teach you the basic understanding of SEO so that you can make sure that your clients have web pages that you can quickly rank in the 3-pack of Google page on and it will less work for you.

No longer are you able to get a crappy website that does not have ANY SEO tools ranked in the 3-pack. Google put a stop to that and honestly, I am happy. Of course, it was nice to throw together a website and do some press releases and get rankings. But that is not a sustainable business model.

Of the many things you are going to learn in this training is to build a sustainable business model so that you are getting paid over and over again. The only way to do this is to be sure that as offline consultant we are giving Google what it is wanting. Nine times out of ten, it is giving Google love and paying homage to the almighty “Big G”.

You will see references of Google’s narcissism from me throughout. Google does know they are the end all be all.

What is the Google 3 Pack?

If Google perceives that a search query has “local intent,” the first search results feature three local businesses displayed as a group (or “pack”), along with a map highlighting these businesses’ locations. This pack of local businesses is displayed after any paid ads, and before the organic search results.

Note that the 3 Pack appears before the organic search results.

What exactly does “local intent” mean? A search could have local intent if:

  • The search phrase includes a geographic term (e.g. city name, street name, zip code)
  • The search phrase includes words such as “find…” or “near me”
  • The search phrase includes a business or term that is normally associated with a local business, such as “plumber”, “realtor”, or “dentist”

How Can the 3 Pack Impact A Business?

Since the Local 3 Pack is the first thing potential customers see when they search for a product or service, it is easy to see how getting your business (or your client’s business) featured in the 3 Pack can be a HUGE shortcut to getting to the top of page 1 of the search engine results.

In fact, the first, second and third results receive 24.48%, 13.81% and 9.5% of clicks respectively, for a combined total of 47.79% of clicks, according to Advanced Web Ranking (statistics for mobile traffic).

When you combine that with the fact that more searches occur on mobile vs. desktop , you can easily see how very important the Google 3 Pack can be!

Please note that since the 3 Pack is totally dependent on the location of the searcher and the terms that are searched, it is impossible to guarantee that a business will appear in the 3 Pack. What we can do, however, is examine how you can increase the chances of appearing in the 3 pack when a potential customer (i.e. someone in your geographic area) searches for your product or service.

This is why you will be able to charge a premium for this service. Right now there are very few people out there that have cracked the code like we have. There are people out there inventing software and selling it for a premium. The software just isn’t needed. Follow the steps in the course. It works.

Google 3 Pack Overview

Make note of a few important elements of the 3 Pack example above:

  • Business reviews are prominently displayed
  • Eye-catching images
  • Business hours, and whether the business is currently open or closed
  • Business phone number

Goal Setting and Mindset

“If you’re a regular customer of mine you may see a familiar section at the beginning of all my training courses. It’s the ‘Goal Setting’ portion. I do usually repeat it in every product…but there’s a very important reason. I like to give new tips on Goal Setting in each course.

Setting Goals and making daily and weekly plans has been a cornerstone of my success. Going through a simple goal setting exercise can only make you and I better, more successful marketers.”

  • Jim Mack

The idea of excellence and the idea of success is not an overnight thing, okay? It is built over time. It’s a bunch of little things done well that lead to massive results.

Aristotle, I think, was the first person who said this, or the first known person who said this. And he basically said, “Excellence is not an act, it is a habit.” So basically, it’s just a series of continuous results done over and over again.

I want to talk about this concept of the one percent theory, and getting one percent better. Because that’s the goal, that’s what we’re looking to do. Everything in life in my opinion can be related to working out at the gym, including building your mind, building your muscle mind, building your business, everything like that.

Because it takes forever in the gym, it takes hard work, continuous work for months, and months, and months to see real results. Then all of a sudden you see massive results. It’s the same thing in business, it’s the same thing in training our mind. We’re looking for that one percent edge, that one percent way of getting better.

You need to think about it as every single day as you go through your habits and you go through your rituals, and you go through all that stuff, that is when you’re building your champion every single day you can check something off the list.

You checked it off so you’re getting one percent better. And over time, over a year, over two years all of a sudden you’re 10% better, 20% better. And it starts to absolutely snowball.

When you’re getting started it just starts to build upon itself, because momentum breeds momentum. And that’s how you get ahead of the guy that isn’t doing jack squat. Which is there’s a ton of them out there in America right now.

There is an epidemic of laziness and victim hood out there in the country. Think about this guys and gales, one percent better every day. Okay, that’s all you’re looking for every year. Because that one percent is the separation, that is the difference between winning and losing, okay?

Keep that in mind, and realize that all of these things, building your mindset, building your body, building your business, making sales, it’s all a process. If it was easy everyone would do it. Just continue to go at it, hit it hard, and recognize, hey I’m just trying to get a little bit better today, just a little bit better today.

And then over time, those results become massive. And then you sit back and you look and you’re like, “Damn I’m a lot better person than I was five years ago.”

I knew I was going to take little steps every single day to get better. And it felt like it took forever, there were times when I wanted to quit, all that type of shit. But you know what? I kept going, I believed in the process, believed in what I was doing.

Whatever you guys are working on, whatever goal you guys are moving towards right now, I encourage you to think about the one percent process and just looking to get one percent better.

There’s no such thing as overnight success, there’s no such thing as overnight results in anything. We’re not looking for massive improvement, because that one percent better is how you separate yourself from the rest of the crowd.

Steps To Get The Business Featured in the 3-Pack

Nine times out of ten your client will have a GMB (Google My Business) page. And maybe a few times your client will have one, it just isn’t claimed. Claiming the GMB is easy. Building out a GMB is easy, it just takes a couple of hours. This will be covered also in the course.

For established businesses that have a GMB in the maps section here are the steps that will get 3-pack rankings. Understand that the more competitive the search term the longer it will take to rank. Less competitive search terms in smaller cities can be done in a few weeks. Larger cities with more competition could easily take 45 to 60 days. Don’t worry about the time frame. If you set the expectations, you will be fine.

Here are the steps to ranking in the 3-pack

  1. Order or make Local Citations
  2. Get a GMB (Google My Business) and fill it out completely.
  3. Add Geo-tagged photos
  4. Order Google Stack – it will have a Google Site that can be used.
  5. Order IFTTT Rings – 5 is best
  6. Order Cloud Stack – also will have a Google Site.
  7. Make posts in the Blogger site of the IFTTT
  8. Add expired tumblrs to IFTTT
  9. Press release stacking for more citations.

When focusing on getting your business included in the Google 3 Pack, the word of the day is OPTIMIZATION. Here are some of the most important keys to unlocking the 3 Pack.

Most of your clients will already have a GMB. If they do not, follow these steps. Whether you have a client that has a Google My Business profile or not, it’s time to optimize your listing. Be sure to:

  • Ensure that the NAP on your website matches the NAP on GMB
  • Apart from your physical address, the NAP (Name, Address and Phone number), should be consistent with the actual name of your business, and it has to be the same wherever these details appear online.
  • More specifically, you should use an exact template for your NAP wherever you use these details – whether it is on your website, Google My Business (GMB), Google+ account or other websites and directory listings.
  • Make sure you have provided as many details about the business as possible
  • Make sure all information is accurate, especially the NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number)
  • Verify the business if it has not been verified
  • Update the business hours
  • Add the company logo (geotag the logo)
  • Add as many high-quality geo tagged photos as possible
  • Actively manage and respond to reviews
  • Optimizing your Google My Business Profile is not just a one-time thing…it’s an ongoing process. Get it right from the beginning and you’ll be on your way to the 3 Pack.
  • Gather Positive Google My Business Reviews

There are many ways to get positive reviews. I start with reviews that I order from https://dripfeedreviews.com/

It is very important that your client starts getting reviews on their own. There are strategies that should be used for getting more reviews and answering good and bad reviews.

Here are a few important review strategies:

Ask for reviews: If your client is a retail business, you can include an email sign up form at the register. If they don’t have a point of sale, they can still use email to communicate post-transaction or, better yet, pick up the phone and reach out to their customers.

Simplify the process: Make it easy for their customers to review the business. When they are sending any email, provide a link to the Google My Business profile. On the business website, be sure to include a prominent link or button to take your customer directly to the profile.

Manage the negative reviews: Let’s face it, negative reviews are often unavoidable. If the business gets a negative review, be sure to promptly (and professionally) address the dissatisfied customer’s concerns.

While a negative review can be a challenge, it really is an opportunity for communication and outreach into the community. (NOTE: If you are currently dealing with a messy negative review situation, be sure to look into our Reputation Management service.)

While you are having citations built, you will want to make sure your client has a presence on several review platforms. These are also some of the top citation sites that are used for ranking and SEO purposes.

Go beyond Google: There are many other sites that offer customers the chance to review the business, so you will do yourself and your client a favor by extending their presence onto some of these platforms:

  • Yelp
  • Angie’s List
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Foursquare

Geo-Tagging Photos

Used effectively, geotagging can improve the web visibility of your business to customers in your location. I will walk through Geo Tagging Photos in the video section. I use a free resource called GeoImgr. http://geoimgr.com

What is Geotagging?

Geotagging is the process of adding geographical information, such as the name of a place, and GPS coordinates, to digital photographs and videos. In short, geotagging describes the exact place a photo is taken.


Citations have now become a key if not THE key in ranking in the 3-pack. I will give an example of how important citations are later in the section of the course.

What is a Citation?

Citations in summary are publications of your core business data on the Internet. They influence consumer discovery and local search engine rankings. Accurate citations positively impact rankings, reputation, and revenue, whereas inaccurate citations detract from these assets.

Due to the high stakes of these assets, active location data management is a necessity for all local businesses, and you can choose from manual, semi-automated, and automated solutions for your business.

What is a Local Citation?

A local citation is any online mention of the name, address, and phone number for a local business. Citations can occur on local business directories, on websites and apps, and on social platforms. Citations help Internet users to discover local businesses and can also impact local search engine rankings. Local businesses can actively manage many citations to ensure data accuracy.

What are the types of local citations?

Major Local Business Data Platforms- Local business owners and marketers can create citations on a variety of important local business data platforms which exist to publish this type of data. Core platforms include Google My Business, Acxiom, Localeze/Neustar, and Infogroup. Key local business listings can also be built on popular social and review-oriented sites like Facebook and Yelp.

Geo/Industry-Specific Platforms- In addition to building local business listings on the major local business data platforms that serve all industries, your company can seek to build listings on websites that are specific to its unique industry and geography. Examples of these platforms would include chamber of commerce websites or the websites of professional associations and guilds.

The Wider Web- Supplementary citations can either be built or earned on a wide variety of publications, including blogs, news sites, apps, maps, government databases, and more. You can either intentionally develop these citations for your business, or simply earn them based on merit and public interest/sharing of information.

All of the above types of citations can be developed via the use of automated software (like Moz Local), by filling out forms directly on local business platforms manually, or via other methods of PR/marketing to various platforms.

What are the components of a local citation?

The core components of a citation are a company’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) and can also include a reference or link to a designated page of the company’s website. In addition to this, a citation may incorporate some or all of the following elements:

  • Business categories
  • Hours of operation
  • Driving directions
  • Business description
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Payment forms accepted
  • Geo-coordinates
  • Reviews
  • Owner responses
  • Taglines
  • Links to social and other forms of media
  • Email addresses
  • Fax numbers
  • Alternate phone numbers
  • Attributes

To fully prepare for filling out the common fields of the citations you’ll be creating, please read: The Core Components Of Local Business Listings

Why do local citations matter?

Local citations significantly influence two scenarios relating to local businesses:

Local citations either positively or negatively impact local search engine rankings. The number of citations a business accrues, the accuracy of the data they feature, and the quality of the platforms they exist on all influence rankings. Search engines like Google amass data about each business.

If what they encounter is accurate, the search engine trusts the validity of the data, which is believed to strengthen the business’ chance of ranking well. However, if the data search engines encounter is inconsistent, this trust is eroded, lessening ranking opportunities.

Local citations either positively or negatively impact consumers. Accurate citations help people discover a local business, which can result in web, phone, and foot traffic, culminating in transactions. Inaccurate citations, however, can misdirect customers, leading to loss of reputation and revenue.

Businesses at every level of local commerce — from one-person startups to major brands — are deeply concerned about rankings, reputation, and revenue. Local citations are vital, given that they factor into all three of these areas.

This is an example of how great local citations will boost your rankings and propel your client into the 3-pack. We did the press release dog pile to get initial citations. However, those citations are not “local” to the clients area. But they are important in building citations.

Once we implemented the citation strategy and the foundation building we jumped up into the 3-pack in a hurry in a VERY competitive niche. My client is a roofer in Fort Myers and these are the typical results we are seeing. You can see that not only are we in the top 3 of Google Maps, but rank on mobile and organic of Google.

There are a couple of places that I use to build my citations. As I mentioned, I have included those in the resource section of the course. I will walk through using Bright Local in the video section of the course. That is where you will get the best local citations built. It generally takes 30 days to get those built out. You will want to build the foundation of the blog posts, Google stack, press releases and Cloud stack while the citations are being built.

What I do is first order local citations from my outsourcer at konker.io and then I will order the Bright Local citations. Depending on the niche and the difficulty, I will typically order 50 citations. I also pay monthly for the monitoring. If you have more than one client, it is well worth the $50 per month.

Bright Local gives you a great way to find existing local citations and pinpoint the powerful sites your client missing. You can spy on your competitors and spot local and niche citations to boost your authority. Bright Local allows you to get SEO citations for top-ranked competitors and identify targeted niche & local citation opportunities for you to go after.

I look at the Potential Citations and see what the top 5 on the maps have for citations. I will order the top 50 on that list.

It will typically take Bright Local 30 days to build your citations for you as I have mentioned. You will build the foundation of the IFTTT, Google Stack, Cloud Stack and posts while they are being built.

Just order the top 50 citations and you will see awesome results.

Bright Local builds local citations on sites which require telephone verification, but final phone verification step is handled by business/agency.

They also have a reach so you can build citations in 10 countries worldwide which allows you to have clients world wide.

Here are a couple of examples of how citations make rankings happen in extremely difficult categories.

Google Drive Stack

While your citations are being built out for your client you will want to implement the following services to begin to get ranking power and are building link juice to the website of your client.

What is a Google Drive Stack? Google Drive is a free and paid product that Google offers in order to support people and businesses with products like Documents, Slides, Forms, and much more. All of those documents are then stored in the user’s Google Drive. Users can then publicly (or privately) share each or all of the contents of a Google Drive, and best of all, they can even be indexed and ranked in Google search.

From an SEO perspective, using Google Drive Stacks leverages the power of the Google domain and trust in order to promote your website both from an increased rankings perspective, as well as from having additional ranking properties in the search results.

You can use stacks to test new markets, test competition, or get the rankings boost without resorting to PBN’s in most markets assuming your on page optimization was done well.

Why Do You Need Google Drive Stack Services?

Google is very narcissistic. Google wants to see Google reward itself. There are many reasons we use the drive stack. But one of the major components is that Google indexes it’s own properties every 45 seconds. The average website can take 3 to 7 days.

The Google stack consists of these components:

  • Google Drive
  • Google Articles Folder
  • Google PDF Folder
  • Google Photos Folder
  • Google Spreadsheet
  • Google Slide
  • Google Form
  • Google Drawing
  • Google MyMap
  • Google Site
  • Google Calendar
  • Blogger

When we discuss IFTTT rings later in the course you will want to add the Drive stack components to the ring. The video section of the course will cover that. This can be outsourced through my contact at fiverr. He does a great job. His information is in the resource section. Google Drive stacks have three major uses:

Link building – Google is giving you a backlink to your website and providing a way for you to do it in a much safer way, when is the last time Google penalized its own properties?

Content Promotion – Using Google Stacks you can leverage the power of Google to quickly rank a document for a high traffic term in order to take advantage of current events.

Reputation Management – Because it’s easier to rank the properties in Google Drive, you can use them to bury negative content about a business or person for a short period of time. You will need to get more positive news out to make the process permanent, however, a short-term fix is better than nothing if the situation is dire enough.

The majority of work you will do is in the Google My Map and Google Site. The great thing is that once you have added a couple of elements to each, you don’t ever have to touch them again and they continue to do the work for you.

When your drive stack is built for you everything will be ready to go outside of what I tell you to build in this training. Everything once built will be set it and forget it.

You will add a couple of components to the Google My Map. Actual instructions will be in the video section of the course.

  1. You will add “pins”

2. You will add driving direction route to 10 points of interest in the city.

Driving Directions map for SEO

Driving directions add local authority. Typically for a point of sale business, which is a store front business, so a business where customers come to the business location, then it would make sense if you were trying to rank in the local maps pack, the three pack, for very close in proximity areas or locations. So, like adjacent towns for example.

Let’s say you have a business that’s the only business in three or four towns, surrounding towns. Even if it’s not the only business, if you want to try to get your listing, your maps listing to rank when somebody’s searching for an adjacent town. Whatever your keyword, service keyword is, plus the location modifier, and it’s an adjacent town.

Well, one of the ways that you can try to get ranked in there is to have … add that local relevancy from that area to the location where you’re physically located. So, in that case, a driving directions map would be good to create posts, or pages on the site, or just content that talks about the area that you want to rank in, with a driving direction map from there to your store location.

Again, it’s just about … it’s Google code, Google’s going to come read the page and it’s going to see driving directions map. It’s going to see content on the page about that particular location, the location that you’d like to rank in. And then it’s going to see driving directions map from that location to your business address.

And so it’s just a way to feed additional relevancy into Google, like location relevancy.

Now, the opposite would be for service area businesses. So, for service area businesses you go from … like the business goes to the customer location, and that’s typically how most of my projects are setup, because I deal with contractors sometimes.

Even if you have the physical location hidden, you would still just go grab the city center and do driving directions from the city center, where the business is physically located. And the driving directions would be from that location to the customer locations, which would be just city centers of your locations that you’d like to rank in.

The last item in the Google Stack that you will make changes to will be the Google Site. Google in ranking terms loves the Google Site. The additions you will make are very easy.

You are going to add an “Contact Us” Page, Driving Directions, and link out to “Authority Sites”

This is a link to the Google Site for the roofing client in the examples in the course. https://sites.google.com/view/roncoroofsconstruction/home and you do not need to worry about the url. It is fine just like Google gives you. The outsourcer from fiverr will set everything up for you.

Adding the pages is easy. Just follow these steps.

On the right side of the page click “pages” and then the “+” sign.

Name the page and you are finished. We will go into adding content in the video section of the course.

Here is what it looks like when you add the pages. In the “Contact Us” page I just added content from the clients website.

I added driving directions in the “Things To Do In Fort Myers” page.

That is all you really have to do to the Google Drive Stack. You are adding those pages to give relevancy to Google. And since Google indexes their own properties every 45 seconds it really makes an impact.

IFTTT Network – 5 Rings Recommended

IFTTT derives its name from the programming conditional statement “if this, then that.” What the company provides is a software platform that connects apps, devices and services from different developers in order to trigger one or more automations involving those apps, devices and services.

I won’t get into the technical meaning of the IFTTT. All we are using it for is to have posts in high ranking sites and pass on the link juice while only making one post in the blogger site.

You will want to order your 5 ring IFTTT from here http://iftttfactory.com/

Posting in Blogger and to the IFTTT

Adding a post

Local Client Systems Web 2.0 Properties

  1. Go to “Posts” on the left navigation
  2. Click “New Post”
  3. Add the post title with keywords
  4. Add the blog content
  5. Click Publish


This is very similar to posting to your client’s website. You can add images, anchor text links, etc. Every post needs the following components:

  • H1 Tag – this is the title of the post
  • H2 and H3 tags within the page/post
  • External Links
    • – Keywords – Citation Sites (created earlier)
    • – Authority sites such as Wikipedia
  • Internal Links – other blog posts
  • NAP – Every Page
  • Images – optimized and geotagged

Your posts should include elements such as links to:

  • Reviews
  • Google My Map
  • Google Site
  • Website
  • Inner Pages of the website

PRO TIP: Do not include all of those elements on each post. Maybe a couple on each. You don’t want the posts to appear spammy. See the video section that covers making posts in the Blogger site.

You will want to schedule yourself to make a post every other day. Do not slam the IFTTT ring with a ton of posts. It will defeat the purpose. So use the workflow sheet included in the course to follow along with that you need to be doing for your client.

After your IFTTT rings have been up and running for couple of weeks feel free to post every day. Be sure when you are making posts that you include all the components that I have listed above. Tags, GeoTagged Images, NAP, and links out to relevant sites.

Cloud Stack

A Cloud Stack is highly optimized HTML pages that are uploaded to the most powerful domains on earth, Amazon S3 and Google Cloud which gives you some massive authority links that help power up your entire Google Entity Stack and Link Network.

I am giving you the basics of what it is. You do not need to create these. In the resource section of the course will be the fiver gig to get them created. The great thing is that you don’t have to touch anything here. You just let the properties do the work.

The pages are made by adding an article on each of these powerful sites, then embed your maps and video , or anything else you want embedded.

Link from top cloud site, back down to bottom, which means all the link juice is flowing in a circle, the only out is whatever you want it to link out to.

They are then backlinked to 2-3 of the clouds and add a few embeds from cloud sites. (100 links) Not included in basic gig

A stack of 5 Google Docs and 5 PDFs all link in similar fashion. and point them at one of the clouds. The juice flows thru all clouds with the only out being to your target URL

Press Releases

Press releases are still very important as far as ranking in the 3-pack. However, citations and press releases do not have the impact they did a few months ago. This is where the adjustments have been made in our strategy. The dog pile is no longer necessary. However you are going to still want to use the keyword in the press release and link back to the GMB and website.

The main reason for the press releases is because they are an outstanding source for citations. However, most are not local citations. But they still help.

A press release is a written communication that reports specific but brief information about an event, circumstance or other happening. It’s typically tied to a business or organization and is provided to media through a variety of means.

Some press releases are available for “immediate release.” It means anyone can share the information as soon as the release is made public. Other press releases may have time limits that allow only certain media sources to report them immediately. They’re offered to other news services, websites or blog owners for publication later.

The press releases we are going to issue are going to go through press release distribution services. They intended to be new worthy, but not for the 6 o’clock news or CNN or Fox News.

Since the Local 3 Pack is the first thing potential customers see when they search for a product or service, it is easy to see how getting your business (or your client’s business) featured in the 3 Pack can be a HUGE shortcut to getting to the top of page 1 of the search engine results.

I don’t write my own press releases, and I don’t suggest that any of you do either. I like to use the press release distribution services, they know what will pass for their editorial guidelines. I also use Upwork and Fiverr gigs. In the resource section is the Fiverr gig I use.

Be sure to work your primary keyword into the title. Sometimes you will need to be rearrange the title a bit to make it sound right. For example, if my primary keyword was “Chiropractor Kansas City” I would want the headline to be “Kansas City Chiropractor Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary”

The press release body isn’t as critical as the title. I just provide the following details for the writer:

  • Press Release Title
  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why

Here is a “cheat” that I use: just copy a sentence or two from the website copy and use that as a quote. If highlighting a customer review, you can also quote the customer and just use their review text as the quote. Your press release writer or distribution service will be able to take it from there and get the press release written and approved in 48 to 72 hours.

Most press release distribution services allow up to 3 links within the press release. Here is my linking strategy for the first press release:

  1. Main website URL
  2. Google Maps URL – this is the “Share” URL you get from the Google

Maps listing

  1. The third link can be from any of these web properties. • Inner page or blog post (if the site is more than just a single page) • A top-level citation (if available) Yelp, yp.com, Home Advisor • YouTube video • Link to customer review (G Maps review share URL, FB, Yelp, etc.)
  2. The company name, address and phone number should be appended to the press release distribution service AND be an exact match to the Yelp, Facebook, Google Maps listing.

Once the first press releases have been published, you will want to do another press release in about 10 to 14 days. The method is quite flexible, meaning there is not a specific process that works better than another.

Since we have changed our method, you do not need another press release for another couple of weeks. When we dog pile the press releases, we are trying to push relevancy and authority ultimately to the main company website and Google My Business map.

I like to start targeting longer tail keywords for all press releases after the first. Go back to your keyword research you did to determine the best keywords to optimize for. Be sure to use your chosen keyword in the press release title.

Be sure that you have the press release approved and published before moving on to the second step in the process. The second press release of the dog pile is simple. These are the links in the press release you will include. The body of the press release will be the same format with a new title.

  1. The top ranked press release for the first press release. (Do a google search for the exact title of the press release and take the top press release URL)
  2. Google My Business inner page (all reviews or a single review)
  3. Any “company branded” top tier site. Facebook, YouTube, yp.com, Yelp

The formula would be while you are getting the citations built to do at least 2 to 3 press releases for citations. Because the citations can be different for the different press release services I recommend doing at least one press release with Press Cable and one with Press Synergy. This will give you the maximum citation advantage.

Lead Generation and 3-pack Rankings

Lead generation should be your primary focus for these clients. Groupon advertising is based around getting new clients or customers in the door.

Lead generation can be done via video or 3-pack rankings. I recommend you incorporate both into your lead generation. Video ranking will happen much faster than the 3-pack ranking. You can generally rank videos in multiple cities for multiple keywords in a very short time.

You can price your leads on a per lead basis or a flat fee basis. The great thing is that you are going to be paid very well. But in the long run you will be saving your client a lot of money and getting them higher value customers. It is a win-win for both you and your client.

When you are finding clients you are going to be putting the emphasis on lead generation and bringing in new patients, customers, clients etc. Most business owners don’t care how you do it. All they want is the phone to ring and new business.

So you are not going to be selling 3-pack rankings. You are going to be selling the concept of how you can make the phone ring and that you are promising it is going to happen. Trust me, when you get them in the 3-pack they are going to be getting more customers/clients/patients in no time.

When selling your service, you just want the next step. The first step is the initial contact. The next step is the getting the appointment. The next step is the sales presentation. The next step is closing the sale. We covered that earlier in the course.

When you are going through the presentation and talking to your prospect, keep it simple and to the point. You are not selling SEO. SEO is a dirty word to business owners. They have been burned too many times before and they get countless calls every week with people pitching SEO.

Think about what is in it for them. Matt Bacak taught me when writing sales copy always think “WIIFM” “what’s in it for me”. Always think about what it is in for your client.

They are in business to make money. To make money, they need people or customers to give them money. Therefore, they need customers, clients, patients, etc. The perception of SEO, PPC, Facebook Ads is that it is risky. It will cost them money that they are not 100% sure they will ever see back. Therefore, you want to position yourself as a problem solver. You are going to get them more customers.

Going through the presentation is an easy process. Use the power point included in the course. When you get to the last slide, that is where the money is made.

Finding Clients To Work With

When prospecting for clients I am presently using two methods. The first is Cold Email and LinkedIn. Of course there are other strategies. But these are the methods that work and work well.

With Cold Email I want to get a good list of people to contact. A great way to do this is by using a Chrome plug-in called “Hunter” and going to a directory of whatever niche I am prospecting.

I just Google the specific niche I am wanting a list for. In this example I am going to use dentists that specialize in Dental Implants.

I put the information in the box and it will give me a list of dentists.

Where it says “website” I am going to click there.

It will take me to their website and the little orange “poof cloud” will tell me that I can get their email from the website.

When I click the orange cloud the box pops up and then I click the plus sign and it adds to my list. The great thing about Hunter is that it makes the list for you and you do not have to cut and paste.

Pro Tip: When looking for a directory you will find different formats. Be sure you find a directory that have accessible links to your prospects websites. This is the best list building tool I have seen.

Sending Emails With Woodpecker

I am sending all of my prospecting email via a program called “Woodpecker”. The url is woodpecker.io and I love it. It is by far the best way to make sure that you have high deliverability of your emails and you can prospect with the highest efficiency.

Here are the steps to make Woodpecker has the highest deliverability. Another great thing about Woodpecker is when you begin to use it, they will do a skype call with you to walk you through setting up campaigns and how to make the process seamless.

Create your sequence of messages.

The first step within your sequence should be a ‘connect’ if your target audience is outside your network (2nd and/or 3rd degree connections). All subsequent steps should be a ‘message’. If your target audience is inside your network (1st degree connections), the first step and all subsequent steps should be a ‘message’.

Check the responses section daily.

Woodpecker acts like a user of your email address.

Woodpecker sends emails directly from your mailbox. Most email providers will show you messages sent by Woodpecker in your “Sent” box. For that reason, Woodpecker can send emails according to the rules set up by your email provider.

You should know how many emails your provider allows you to send per day. You should also be aware of what content your email provider considers to be spam so that your outgoing messages do not trigger the safety mechanisms for outgoing emails. Typically Gmail is 2000 if you have a business url.

If you exceed the sending limits (eg. 500 emails for free Gmail accounts) or send emails containing spam words your email provider will send us a server notification that your mailbox was suspended (usually for 24 hours). In such a case, Woodpecker will show an error on campaign list.

Woodpecker sends messages using your email SMTP address. Our server IPs are used to initiate the sending, and your provider’s IPs are used to actually send the emails. That means your messages appear as if they were sent manually.

Woodpecker throttles and randomizes sending from your email address. People are rarely able to send an email more frequently than every 45 seconds. Sending multiple emails in a short time and divided by even time intervals might alarm SPAM-filters.

Those filters are sensitive to such regularities. For that reason, we have designed Woodpecker to imitate human behavior in terms of sending emails . By default, Woodpecker will send your messages divided by random time intervals, yet no more frequently than every 60 to 120 seconds.

That means you are able to send between 30 and 50 emails per hour from a chosen email address (additional seconds are used for procedures like checking the validity of an email address). We generally do not recommend lowering those default settings.

This setting is separate for each email address, though. If several campaigns are set to go out from one address simultaneously, the emails from all those campaigns will be sent from your mailbox in an interweaving way. All the emails planned to be sent at the time will be put into the single queue, with the follow-ups having priority over Emails #1.

Decide how many prospects will get your email each day.

In the campaign editor right next to the text editor, you will be able to set the “Daily limit”. With this function, you can choose how many prospects will receive the first email in the sequence every day (according to your schedule). You can send your emails according to the idea of Aaron Ross’s Predictable Revenue. For example 50 per day, Mon-Fri.

Set your emails to be delivered at a specific time and get to your prospects’ inbox right when they’re checking the email.

It’s good to schedule your emails to be delivered within some specified time window, for example between 9 AM, and 1 PM. To give you this possibility, we have created a function to select hours and days when each part of the sequence will be sent. You can also set the time zone specific to your target group. While adding a follow-up to the sequence, the settings will get copied from the settings for the previous message.

Set an automated follow-up

From the second email in the sequence onward, the “Daily limit” window will be replaced by the “Follow-up” window. You can specify the number of days after which another email will be sent. The minimum value here is 1. One day is exactly 24 hours, two days are 48 hours and so on.

If your previous email was released on 2:34 PM, and you set your first follow-up to be sent after 1 day, the next email to this particular prospect will queue to get sent after 2:34 PM of the next day.

Sending follow-ups is not affected by the daily limit, but scheduled follow-ups have priority over initial emails and you should consider this when setting delivery times.

Cold Email

The cold email sequence works very well. I am giving you different emails to test and try. There are 3 emails that you can use for each sequence. I recommend sending the emails every other day in the sequence.

The email sequence below is for a medical office. Notice in the emails I am talking to them about new patients. 3-pack or SEO is not mentioned. That is the key here to great conversions.

Email Templates


Headline: Just Need You To Know

Hey Doc!

We’ve got a system that guarantees at least 30 patient inquiries every single month on autopilot. Can we talk?


We generate $3-4 million in patient procedures every month for practices EXACTLY like yours and we would like to send some of those patients to you. Reply with your phone number let’s talk!

[Your Name]

Headline: Strange Question

Hey Doc!

Are you interested in a system that is guaranteed to send at least 30 new patient inquiries every month to your practice on autopilot?

Our New Patients on Demand system generated over 35 million in new patient revenue last year for practices EXACTLY like yours and we plan to double that number this year!

We’d love to send you some of these patients and we GUARANTEE results… reply with your phone number and let’s talk!

[Your Name]

Headline: Quick Question

Hey Doc –

We have a system that generated over 35 million dollar in new patient revenue last year… are you interested in getting some of these new patients?

We work in over 80 markets across the country and our system WILL work in your area… in fact we GUARANTEE results for practices EXACTLY like yours.

Reply with your phone number and lets chat!

[Your Name]


HEADLINE 1: RE: (Previous headlines)

Hey Doc –

Just wanted to make sure you got my last email about getting a guaranteed 30 new patient inquiries every single month on autopilot.

If you’d like to learn more about our system and see testimonials then click the link below where I go over our entire process:

Let me know when a good time to chat would be!

[Your Name]

Headline 2: Just Want to Make Sure you Got This

Hey Doc –

Just touching base to make sure you saw my last email.

We have a system that is GUARANTEED to bring you 30+ new patient inquiries per month…

We generated over 35 million in new patient revenue in over 80 markets during 2017 and plan to double those numbers in 2018.

If you are interested in getting a piece of the new patients that we generate just reply with your phone number and let’s chat.

[Your Name]

Headline 3: RE:

Hey Doc –

In my last email I discussed how we have a system that is guaranteed to generate 30+ new patient inquiries every month on auto pilot… You didn’t respond so I am assuming you are skeptical…

Check out the page below where I go in depth on our New Patients on Demand system – and the page is LOADED with testimonials from other clients..

Thanks and let me know if you are interested in getting this system rolling for your practice! [Your Name]


Headline 1: I’d love your feedback…

Hey Doc –

I’d love to know what you think of our Patients on Demand system that generated over 35 million in new patient revenue last year… AND guarantees RESULTS for your practice.

You can check out the Patients on Demand system HERE Let me know what you think!


[Your Name]

Headline 2: I’d love to know what you think

Hey Doc –

I’d love your feedback on our Patients on Demand system that GUARANTEES at least 30 new patient inquiries a month for our docs and generated over 35 million in new patient revenue last year. CLICK HERE to see our full process as well as video testimonials from our clients


[Your Name]

HEADLINE 3: I’d love to know what you think…

Hey Doc –

I’d love to know what you think of our Patients on Demand system that generated over 35 million in new patient revenue last year… AND guarantees RESULTS for your practice.

You can check out the Patients on Demand system HERE Let me know what you think!

[Your Name]


HEADLINE 1: Are you interested?

Hey Doc –

Wanted to check in one last time and see if you were interested in learning more about our system that is guaranteed to generate over 30 new patients inquiries every single month on autopilot.

This system generated over 35 million in new patients revenue last year for practices exactly like yours…

Let me know if you’d like to chat!

[Your Name]

HEADLINE 2: Can I ask why you aren’t interested?

Hey Doc –

I’ve sent several emails regarding our Patients on Demand system which is guaranteed to generate new inquiries for your practice every single month..

Is there any specific reason you aren’t interested in our program?

If you just missed the last few emails you can check out more about our system that generated over 35 million in new patient revenue in 2017!

CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE (if you have a proof video)


[Your Name]

LinkedIn Strategy

The LinkedIn strategy I am teaching is a bit different from previous courses. It’s more targeted and direct while not getting you put in “LinkedIn jail” or getting your account shut down. However, the basics remain the same.

I know it’s basic stuff. But you want to convey yourself to be as professional as possible. You will want a good photo of yourself. This is a professional network. The picture doesn’t have to be professionally done. But it needs to look good.

Second is to start contacting people and connecting. To connect with business owners initially you want to do this. Although we are connecting with Business Owners, we want to connect with as many professionals as possible.

The people that are more likely at first to connect when we request are auto sales and advertising sales. That will build your connections number up so that you can begin to target Business Owners, HVAC, Plumbers, Pest Control, etc.

Start reaching out to auto sales people, advertising sales, and realtors.

These are professions that I found that are happy to connect on LinkedIn.

We are doing this only for number of connections.

Once you have around 100 connections you can start this approach as well. You should send no more than 15-20 invite to connects a day. You can do a search for Business Owners all over the country.

Do this for 3 or 4 days. You should have enough business owner connections that we can start to have credibility in the professional community. First, we now want to change our profile.

We want to be the “[niche] Marketing Expert”. This will add a ton of credibility to your LinkedIn profile. Do a search for Business Owners in the area you would like to work in. Begin to contact and send an invite to these Business Owners.

First thing we want to do when we are ready to approach Business Owners or HVAC, Plumbing, Roofing, etc. is change our profile to say, “Plumbing and HVAC Marketing Expert” or “Roofing Industry Marketing Expert”. You got the point. This will give us credibility in the business owner circles.

Honestly, no one cares. But it will give you peace of mind.

Now you are ready to connect with Business Owners in your area.

You will want to keep your invite to connect email short and sweet. To the point. You are not selling anything! You are just asking to connect on LinkedIn.

When the business owner is your connection, you are going to send a friendly, non-invasive email to them. You are going to thank them for the connection and let them know that you can be of service.

LinkedIn is all about establishing connections. When you connect with other professionals in your field, you’re gaining more knowledge and insight since you’re interacting with colleagues. Have a question?

Ask someone on LinkedIn. Want to know about upcoming events in your area? You can find out this information on LinkedIn as well. In other words, your connections on LinkedIn can help accelerate your business.

Find your target audience with a LinkedIn search. When crafting your search, make sure to only target people inside your network (1st degree connections) or people outside your network(2nd and/or 3rd degree connections), but not both.

Keep your search to approximately 1,000 results or less. No matter how many results populate within a search, LinkedIn only allows you to access the first 1,000.

Create your sequence of messages.

The first step within your sequence should be a ‘connect’ if your target audience is outside your network (2nd and/or 3rd degree connections). All subsequent steps should be a ‘message’. If your target audience is inside your network (1st degree connections), the first step and all subsequent steps should be a ‘message’.

Once you connect you want to send a follow up message as soon as possible.

I try and do it within 45 minutes of the connection. It’s not always possible.

But try your best to do so.

The messages should be short and sweet like detailed here. You don’t want to write a novel with a LinkedIn email. Make it personal and not too business like. Write it like you would message a friend.

LinkedIn Message Templates


Hey {firstname} –

I came across your profile and I noticed we have mutual interests.

I would love to connect if you’re open to it.

Thanks in Advance – [Your Name]

MESSAGE 2 – 45 Min Delay

Hi {firstname} –

After checking out your profile further I noticed that you focus on [treating patients][helping people

going through a divorce][whatever they do] using [niche or service]…

Would you be interested in a system that is guaranteed to send at least 50 qualified new patient inquiries every month to your practice on autopilot?

Let me know as I’d love to chat and learn more about your [type of business] and its goals. [Your Name]

P.S. This system generates over 5,000 new inquiries a month in over 100 markets across the country and generated over 35 million in new patient revenue in 2018! (That’s why we are so confident in guaranteeing results!)

MESSAGE 3 – 1 Day Delay

Hey {firstname}

Just wanted to make sure you got my last message about getting a guaranteed 50 new inquiries every single month on autopilot.

I understand you most likely get message like this all the time…. so if you’d like to learn more about our

system and see several testimonials then click the link below where I have created a short video for you that details our system:

Let me know when a good time to chat would be if you’re interested in guaranteed results with your marketing campaigns!

[Your Name]

MESSAGE 4 – 1 Day Delay

Hey {firstname} –

Hope you are having a great week!

I’d love to know what you think about our [Patients or Clients or Customers] on Demand system that is guaranteed to bring you results for generating more high case value functional medicine patients.

Were you able to check out our case study video where I go over the exact process that generated over 35 million in new patient revenue (majority functional medicine patients) in 2017?

If you’re interested in learning about how we can bring guaranteed new patient inquiries to your practice you can check out the entire process in the link below. 🙂

Thanks and let me know what you think!

[Your Name]

MESSAGE 5 – 2 Day Delay

Hey {firstname} –

I’m sure you’re very busy but I wanted to check in one last time and make sure you had received my previous messages about guaranteed results in regards to generating high case value functional medicine patients.

Is there any specific reason you aren’t interested in a system that is guaranteed to bring you results?

If you just haven’t had a chance to check out the case study video which goes in depth on how we generate over 5,000 new patient inquiries a month in over 100 markets then you can check out the video below:

[Your Name]

PS…If you just aren’t interested no worries and best of luck to you in the future!

If you stay consistent with your marketing and prospecting you will guarantee yourself success. Follow up in the email and LinkedIn sequence is the key. The money is in the follow up. Remember that.

Taking Payments

I have found the easiest way to take payments especially recurring payments is with PayPal. It does have its drawbacks, but it really is the best option. You wouldn’t be reading this course if you didn’t have PayPal.

Create a PayPal Payment Link

Unlike buy buttons, payment links are direct web addresses that send people to a checkout page on PayPal’s site. The buyer can then use a PayPal account or a credit card to make a payment.

If you don’t already have one, create a PayPal account by visiting www.PayPal.com.

It is best to get a business PayPal account, but it is not required. You will need some official documentation if you want to create a business account. Consult with PayPal’s documentation and a tax professional for the proper amount of advice here. Trust me…at tax time you want a business account. Make sure to link a bank account to your PayPal account because this is how you’ll transfer your PayPal balance into your personal bank account.

Create PayPal Email Buy Link

  1. Create a PayPal Account and log in at www.paypal.com
  2. You may need a PayPal business account to create a buy link***
  3. Up at the top of the page, select to Tools
  4. Then select PayPal Buttons
  5. On the right, select “Create New Button”
  6. On the next page, choose “Button Type: Buy Now”
  7. Name the item: “Video Lead Generation”
  8. Example: “Video Leads Chicago”


  1. Choose an optional item id, I usually use the offer initials, and a number to help me track which products are selling.

Example: “Press Release Monthly ALL STATES”

  1. Fill in your price amount
  2. You won’t need to customize anything else, so click Create Button
  3. On the next page, choose the EMAIL tab
  4. Copy the email pay link and record it to your notes.

The PayPal link looks like this: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=s-click&hosted_button_id=##########/

Make sure you include the trailing slash at the end of the link if the PayPal buy link contains one.

Now you can send this link to clients and have them purchase your services.

PRO TIP: For subscription links, such as those for monthly payments:

Choose Subscription in Step 6 and set the monthly price.


I hope you get a lot out of this course. This truly is a labor of love. I love what I do for a living and I love helping others. The fact of the matter is, THIS STUFF WORKS!

I am not afraid to say this because I have been successful with this method as well as my business partner Michael Rayburn and our coaching students. This will only work if you go out and apply yourself. You will not make any money by buying the next shiny object.

Burn The Boats! Decide today that this is what you are going to do for a living. You are going to help local businesses get more customers and make more money. You are going to be a driving force in helping those businesses. You are going to be of service. AND…you are going to make a fantastic living for you and your family.

It all starts with that first client. Set that goal of getting the first client. Then a goal of the next client. Then the next client. Watch your business grow. When you get that third client…go out and buy something nice for yourself. Pat yourself on the back and say, “job well done.”

You can do this! I have faith in you.