Make $10K by Flipping eCommerce Websites On a Higher Level

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Here I’m going to reveal to you one of the most profitable and trendy Business models. We are talking about profiting from Buying and Selling Shopify stores. Shopify stores that are arbitraging from ‘Aliexpress’ or ‘Dropshipping’… which means we don’t need to stock any products. It’s only a copy paste work for us when listing the products. We’re selling here a business bundle including everything the buyer needs to actually start earning from the store(brand,logo,domain,store with all the products already listed, presenters video and more…)

If you’re familiar with the ‘IM’ area or bought too many products out there , you can tell me even better, that most of the Info products vendors are releasing crappy/very good products about building and profiting from ecommerce stores – Using ‘’Shopify’’. Why don’t we leverage this fact guys? Why not doing the minimum of the minimum and build 2 hour Shopify store (after finding killing domain – now you have the knowledge to do that) and sell it for Minimum 3000% ROI? BOOM!!!!! I hope you see the potential here… And this training here is all about that!

The Purposes Of The Training:

  1. Research For The Best Ecommerce Niche
  2. Find The Best Domain For The Ecommerce Store
  3. Sign Up To Shopify And Complete The Basic Configurations + Pick A Theme
  4. Setting Up Important Pages
  5. Create/Outsource The Logo For The Store
  6. Open Social Pages For The Store
  7. Make An Intro Video To The Store (Very Powerful, this is our Standard When Selling Very Professional Sites To Our Customers)
  8. List The Products
  9. Ask A Shopify Designer To Make The Theme Custom Made
  10. Make Killing Graphics By Yourself/Outsource
  11. Freeze the site!
  12. Upload For Sale
  13. Transferring The Asset To The Buyer
  • All this process beside the outsourcing and graphics should take you 2 hour. And as you’ll see – you’re learning about Creating Shopify

Stores in depth, but with another professional angle. The angle of a Big Online Asset Flipper!

  • Don’t think only about the people who want to arbitrage from ‘’Aliexpress’’ when selling these kind of websites because it’s trendy right now to do. Please think long term about all the hundred-thousands of business owners who want a sexy name and want so much already built Ecommerce store (business I should say) with a logo, video presentation etc.…

This is why I love the Flipping business rather than building an ecommerce store and generating traffic, and tricks to sell 5$ products, and see if it’ll work… Here you’re going with much wider angle and make much bigger sales… and really giving value to real business owners who don’t have the time or the knowledge! OK. Enough talking… Let’s Start!

1. Research For The Best Ecommerce Niche

Here we’re going to research for not only very HOT and Trendy Best seller products, but HOT and TRENDY Ecommerce sites who were sold for Big Money too. And here you’re going to learn exactly how to find them….

  1. WatchCount (

  • Not many people know about this source – But you are. I already talked about it in the main ‘’Flipping Lab’’ training. In general – It shows you what are the best sellers on E-bay… By categories if you want…
  • When we’re talking about building Ecommerce sites(No matter if it’s as a store owner / just for selling it as an asset – as we do), you need to use the big ones as part of your research. And as you already know E-bay is one of the biggest Ecommerce Platforms out there, so researching for ‘’best sellers’’ there is a must!
  • Very powerful tool for this kind of research. There’re even people who are using this source to research for new trendy products they didn’t think about, for their general shopify store. Use it guys!
  1. TrendHunter


  • I already talked about this very powerful source. Very powerful tool to use when dealing with physical products/trends.
  • You can find a lot of new technologies and trendy products trending right now in the world – why not using this fact to build some great ecommerce store and even post the Trend hunter post you got your inspiration from – into your website sales page!
  • Look for potential trendy ecommerce niche. Just research with an open mind. And if you want – check the findings in google trends, to see how developed the niche is, or maybe you’ll find out it’s not so good for you.
  • You have to use this platform!
  1. Etsy ( )

  • Etsy is a marketplace and a global community for entrepreneurs who are using their platform to sell their unique goods. I like them very much because they have a lot of unique goods you’ll never find anywhere else. You’ll see more of the same platform later…
  • Etsy has more than 1.6 million sellers, and 24 million buyers.
  • This is a very good source for your research because they have countless niches you can get ideas from! PERFECT!
  1. Wanelo ( )

  • ‘’Wanelo’’ is something like a huge Mobile Friendly Mall, and very similar to Etsy – they have very unique goods from a lot of entrepreneurs. The same concept as Etsy…
  • ‘’Wanelo’’ has more than 30 million listed products, and more than 500,000 Unique Stores.
  • Very good source for your research with countless niches/micro niches you can think about!
  1. Pinterest Trends
  • Very powerful source to pick not only websites ideas, but domain ideas.
  • Pinterest is one of the biggest social platforms after Facebook and

Instagram… I hope you know that… You can see a lot of creative products/niches there, and it can be very powerful for your research!

  1. Aliexpress Best Sellers

( php)

  • Aliexpress is really my favorite Ecommerce platform, I’m buying a lot of goods from there. When you’re researching do it in the same concept as ‘amazon best sellers’ and ‘ebay (watchcount)’.
  • ‘’Aliexpress’’ is breaking the market (one of the reasons I prefer flipping online assets and not creating ecommerce sites with all this shipping problems and the fact that ‘’aliexpress’’ is the cheapest).

Most of the people I know are ordering from aliexpress/china. It’s perfect for our research.

  1. Amazon Best Sellers


  • Amazon is one of the biggest Ecommerce platforms out there for physical product. And the best sellers section is the perfect source for us.
  • The research is no different from the Ebay’s Best sellers and Aliexpress… Have fun !
  1. Already Sold Ecommerce Stores

( )

  • Here you can see ‘FLIPPA’ as example, but you can go to the selling platforms you learned about, and get some ideas from there.
  • I’ll tell you right now… you can skip all the previous sources and use only this source to make decisions about what Ecommerce site to build.
  • Why playing the guessing game if you can just see what the marketplace is looking for. Just pick even a lot better domain name and sell it!
  • You can even use the role model in your sales page ‘by showing ‘’similar Ecommerce site sale’.
  1. Find The Best Domain For The Store

So now you can come to this phase with 2 different findings:

    1. You have a role model, now you need similar domain.
  • Just use the name of the domain or the root name to find similar domain with the sources you’re about to learn.
    1. You know what is your niche, but you don’t know what to aim for.
  • Here it’s little bit complex. Here you need to brainstorm/find related keywords to that niche.

 Either way : Here are the various options you have:

1. Google Keyword Planner (Just search it on Google)

  • Use this tool if you don’t have any role model. Only a niche idea after researching…
  • To use this tool – You’ll need a gmail and adwords account. Very easy to set up.
  • Just search on google: Google Keyword Planner —> enter the link —>

choose the first option: ‘’Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category’’ ——> Enter the Word/website you want (My example: Jewelry) —-> click on: ‘’get ideas’’ —–> choose the ‘’keyword ideas’’ tab (not: ‘’ad group ideas’’)

  • Now you have a lot of related keywords… Use them and check if they’re available (go with 1-3 words maximum).
  1. Lean Domain Search

( )

  • I already talked about this source in the ‘’Main Course’’ as my secret gun, and it really is… If we’ll continue with the example (‘’Jewelry’’), you can see a lot of good available domains.
  • Here you’ll find more catchy domain names (which I really like) that nobody really thought about. Just use it and you’ll be shocked a lot of times on how you didn’t think about this name!
  • Here you can use it either when you don’t have any role model domain or you have. POWERFUL!
  1. Appraised ‘’Drop Lists’’

  • I talked about this secret ADVANCED source in the ‘’ADVANCED’’ training. If you didn’t get it – you should.
  • You’ll have daily updated dropped/available already appraised domains to browse and look for similar to your role model domain, or if you don’t have any. It’s just a perfect source! Use it!
  • In 1 day you can get more than 90,000 domains. Just go to the excel spread sheets and use the search option ((Ctrl + f) to find root keyword domains/role model domains. I’m talking about it in the ‘’Advanced Training’’.

4. Find And Bid For It (Not Recommended)

  • If you searched very well and didn’t find any good (in your standard) domain and you really think it’s a goldmine – Go to all the marketplaces you learned about in the main training and buy a good domain for premium price… Or maybe you’ll win a domain on auction for really funny price (takes time).
    • So until now – you got the idea, you got the domain, now it’s the time to Sign Up To Shopify and Complete the Basic Configurations + Pick a Theme.
    • Until now you got some serious sources to get the best ideas for a killer domain… You’ll even not get it in the biggest Ecommerce info products/trainings out there… you could pay more than 3 figures to get this kind of information… I hope you see the power.
  1. Sign Up To Shopify And Complete The Basic Configurations + Pick A Theme !

This step should take you no more than 30 minutes (less – after getting more experience). And it considered as the hardest part. LOL!

Ok. Let’s start:

  1. Sign Up To Shopify: Go To —> ‘’Get Started’’ —> choose email address + Password + Store Name and so on…

  1. Complete The General Settings Of Your Store:
  • After signing up —-> go to your Home Dashboard Store.
  • Then just choose from the left side bar: ‘’Settings’’ —> ‘’General’’ —> complete all the general settings (Store name, your address, time zone, etc.…)

  1. ‘’Title and meta description’’:
  • Very easy. Just go to ‘’settings’’ —-> ‘’online store’’ —> complete the blanks.
  • Home page title: just fill out what you want people to see when searching ‘’youdomain’’.

For ex: | The most unique selection of the finest leather items

  • Homepage meta description: just fill out what you want to be written in your description in google search results…

For ex:

‘’’’ | The most unique selection of the finest leather items!

Enjoy the sleek and rugged features of our artwork selection, all hand-made!

  1. Set Up The ‘’Online Store’’:
  • Go to ‘’Settings’’ —-> ’’Sales Channels’’ and pay $20.
  • Go to ‘’Settings’’—> ‘’Account’’ —-> Change plan type – to $29 a month (Later I’ll show you how to freeze your store and not pay this amount – because we need it only for showing and not making sales with it…)

– It needs to be like that:

  • And now it appears in the ‘’side bar’’… now you can connect your own domain name to the store… and pick your theme!

  1. Connect your unique domain to your shopify store:

(I’ll walk you through too)

Login to ‘’godaddy’’ —-> ‘’domains’’ – click on ‘’manage’’ —-> ‘’DNS

Zone File’’ —> edit record icon —-> ‘’points to:’’ insert shopify ip ————-> HOST: @ —–> TTL: Custom —-> Seconds: 600

  • Go to ‘’CName (Allas)’’ section —-> on the ‘’WWW’’ – click the ‘’Edit Record’’ —-> change the POINTS TO – to ‘’’’ (you real shopify domain you got) — -> HOST: www —-> TTL: 1 hour. Save changes —-> go to shopify and claim your domain!

Go to Shopify Store Dashboard: Online store —> domains —-> Add existing domain —> add a domain name I already own —-> add root domain —-> add domain

  • If you have any problem with that – contact me. It’s very easy and it should take 6 minutes top (if you have experience: 2.5 minutes).
  1. Pick Up The Best Theme For The Site:

– You really have 2 options:

  1. Go through all the FREE themes (and modify them if you don’t like it with designers from fiverr (5$) )
  2. Go with premium themes.
  • Michael and I are using the FREE themes (The ‘’Brooklyn’’ for more boutique look and ‘’Supply’’ theme for more store look) and Modify them with some talented people in fiverr…

  • Just go to your shopify store dashboard —-> ‘’Online Store’’ —>

‘’Themes’’ —–> ‘’Visit Theme Store’’ on the right top.

  • To change settings go to : ‘’customize theme’’
  • Later I’ll show you where you can find good Shopify Experts to help you for cheap…

4. Setting Up Important Pages

Now it’s the time to create some very important pages as basic configurations for any new shopify store. You don’t need to write anything… everything is automatic made for you.

  • Go to your Shopify store dashboard: ‘’Settings’’ —-> ‘’Checkout’’ –

—> now go to the bottom and copy all the texts made for you (with your store name)

  • Now after copying everything provided for us – now go and create the pages.

‘’Online Store’’ —-> ‘’Pages’’ —> ‘’Add Page’’ (The Top Right)

The pages you need:

  • ‘’Contact us’’: go to ‘’APPS’’ —> ‘’Visit Shopify App Store’’ —> search: ‘’Contact For’’ —-> install
  • Privacy Policy: Name the title as ‘’Privacy Policy’’ and paste what you copied from the ‘’Checkout’’ area.
  • Refund Policy: Name the title as: ‘’Refund Policy’’ and paste what you copied from the ‘’Checkout’’ area.
  • Terms of Service: Name the title as: ‘’Terms Of Service’’ and paste what you copied from the ‘’Checkout’’ area.
  • About Us: Just go to other competing similar shopify stores and copy some of their ‘’ABOUT’’ lines…

NOTICE: In the biggest trainings out there about building Ecommerce stores they’re talking about a lot of cool helpful APPS. As you can see I didn’t mansion any of them! Why?

Because it’s not our business model. Leave this work to your Buyer! You don’t need APPS to sell the Asset better or something like that. Just build the asset fast and sell it! Believe me – here with what you’re learning – you’re over delivering to the future buyer anyway!

5. Create/Outsource The Logo For The Store

Now we got to the creative part… You have 2 options here: make it by yourself / use someone in fiverr to do it for $5.

  1. By yourself: In my opinion you shouldn’t do it. Think and work as entrepreneur, because these tasks can be boring, even if you have knowledge on how to make logos…. But if you really have time and you don’t really care – just search on google: logo templates to help you out.
  2. Outsource it:
  • Go to and search for: ‘’logo’’ —-> choose the ‘’High Rating’’ Tab —-> send a gig request to 4 designers = go with the first you like.

(My rule of thumb is: send to 4-8 —> the first to respond/have the best price on whatever task – he’ll get the job… sometimes I’ll use the price respond of 1 gig owner when talking about the price, with other gig owner – this is how I low my price – competition is the best.

6.Open Social Pages For The Store

  • I’ll tell you right away… You don’t have to do it… It’s only optional for you… It’s just looks good on the sales page when trying to sell the website. Sometimes there’re people who won’t even look into the pages you created and some of them will consider it when buying the

Asset. It’s just our standard… because it looks more like a business and saves time for the customer…

The only Social Platforms You Need:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube Chanel
  • At the end of this training you’ll see how you transfer them to your

Customer who paid you 3-5 figures for the website/Asset.

7. Make An Intro Video To The Store (Very Powerful, this is our Standard When Selling Very Professional Sites To Our Customers)

As I mentioned in the title – this is our standard (Me and Michael’s) when selling the asset. You don’t have to do it. If you really want to add value to the assets – it’s a must for us… Not many people know Fiverr so they’re paying huge amount of money for commercials…

The Steps To Make It Done:

  1. Go to Fiverr and search for: ‘’Presenter’’ —-> choose ‘’High Rating’’.

  • Or you can use the search: ‘’Twins’’. You’ll find ‘’theadtwins’’… I’m using them a lot… You’ll pay something like 15$ for HD video + your logo there (important).
    • Important: I highly recommend you to choose a gig owner who’ll do it in HD + with you logo there. Just send him the 100 words script (use the ‘’ABOUT’’ page)
  1. Upload the finished video to your YouTube channel
  2. Add the video to you ‘’ABOUT’’ page and make a graphics slideshow (more about it later…) with the image + play button. Redirect it to your ‘’ABOUT’’ page!
  3. List The Products

I’m always uploading the products first, before even thinking about making changes and modifying the theme as I want it… That’s why we’re going to do that now. You have 2 options here – Do it by yourself / hire someone to do that for you.

  1. Do it yourself:
  • Telling the truth. At first I paid someone to do that, but eventually I had my vision and changed a lot of things… I have problem with perfection… Then I realized that when selling assets fast – I don’t really need perfection… the theme will make it perfect… just pay someone and relax…
  • If you want to save money – do it by yourself…
  1. Hire Someone:
  • Go to fiverr and search: ‘’Shopify Add’’ —-> choose ‘’High Rating’’ —> send to 5 high rating gig owners.
  • I’m always paying $12.29 for 99 product listings… make sure you won’t pay more…
  • Make sure to go through the ‘’add staff member’’ process to give a designer/whoever access to your shopify store (‘’Settings’’ —>

‘’Account’’ —> ‘’Add A Staff Member’’ —-> send an invite to his mail).

9. Ask A Shopify Designer To Make The Theme Custom Made

Personally, I spent a lot of money to learn all about shopify and how to make money with shopify and aliexpress, so I have a lot of experience with what you should have in your shopify stores to make the best sells… So everything I do – has a reason. And now it’s a standard for me when selling shopify stores to my customers. (VALUE VALUE VALUE)!

What would you want to ask from a designer to do :

  1. Slide Shows:
  • If your theme doesn’t have any slide shows – you should ask a designer to have one. It’s far more professional looking and looks better to your potential store buyers).
  • If you have a slide show on the ‘’Home Page’’ only – You should ask a designer to have it on: category/collection Pages + Products pages

(Except what you have on the ‘’Home Page’’). Why? Because it’s more professional. Their customers should see promotions on all the relevant pages…

  • I need only 4 slides usually (‘’VISIT US ON: ‘’slide with all the social platforms, ‘’WE ACCEPT’’: slide with visa-MasterCard-PayPal badges,

‘’FREE SHIPPING ON ALL STORE’’ slide, ‘’LEARN ABOUT US’’ slide direct linking to ‘’ABOUT’’).

  1. Add A Side Bar (If It’s not already built in with your theme):
  • You need the side bar more than the slideshows. It’s very important because there are 4 things all the buyers in the shop should see.

When sending the work request, just mention you want it on: Product pages + Category/Collection pages (you don’t need it on the ‘’Home Page’’). So here is what you need in your side bar:

  • All the categories in 1 places (Navigation)
  • ‘’FREE SHIPPING’’ Banner
  • ‘’WE ACCEPT’’ banner
  • ‘’McAfee SECURE’’ Banner
    • You can get all this in the Members Area!
  1. Spaces issues:
  • Maybe you won’t have such a problem, but I had it… So I decided to add it here…

Where can you find them:

  • Go to fiverr and search: ‘’Shopify custom’’ —-> choose ‘’High Rating’’

—> send to 5 high rating gig owners. See what the price range is, and make decision.

  • I’ll tell you that: Not all the shopify designers there are good. Some will ask you to buy a premium theme because it’s easier to modify (so as you can see they don’t have really good experience), and some of them so good, they can make you the best premium theme from zero… Just send them a massage before ordering!

Side bar Example:

Slide shows Examples (1000×500):

  1. Make Killing Graphics By Yourself

If you really want to sell beautiful asset with a lot of value to your customers – I recommend you to make some slideshows like I showed you. It’s very easy to do them when using very easy tools. My favorite one is:


  • It designed to make your life easy. REALY!
  • You can make here designs like the real big PROS, and you have the community you can take some ideas and inspiration from. VERY EASY!
  • My favorite thing here is that everything is divided by platform goals. Everything is set up to fit the platform you’re going to upload your project to. FACEBOOK ADS dimensions, INSTAGRAM dimension etc.…
  1. Freeze the site !

One of the things I didn’t do with my first Ecommerce site is to freeze it. When you freeze your Shopify store, your customer won’t have the option to make a purchase through the checkout. But who cares? The only people you need for your site are Asset Buyers… Your only goal is to sell the Ecommerce store!

  • Just go to: ‘’Settings’’ —-> ‘’Account’’ —> Freeze your account. (At the bottom)

  1. Upload for Sale

OK. So you have all set-up… Now it’s the time to upload your asset for sale. I hope you’re excited!

The platforms:

  1. Flippa Websites ( )

  • I already talked about ‘’FLIPPA’’ as a great source to buy and sell your domains on (In the main guide), Now it’s the time to use it for selling your websites!
  • This is defiantly one of the biggest sources you can upload your site/asset to… Use it!
  1. DealASite ( )

  • Here is a new platform I didn’t talk about… It’s so powerful!
  • It’s a huge source you can upload your website to. You’re going to meet some big buyers with 6 figures and above (with bids like: 1 million $)
    • You don’t really need more than these platforms. If you really want to find more leads – just go through what you learned in the main and the advance training!

The Listing:

  1. Go to Flippa and start listing: —> ‘’Start Selling’’

(Green button on the top right) —> starter sites —> choose: auction $9 —> Enter the URL of the website.

  1. Fill out the ‘’Description’’ area: Describe to the potential buyers

what they’re getting (And believe me – they’re getting a lot – not many people selling their ‘’starter sites’’ with so much value).

Here is my structure (I’m always using it): – Sub title (short sentence)


HIGHLY BRANDABLE !!! (You have to write it, because many buyers, me too, are searching ‘’Highly brandable’’ in their search phase – very important to write it everywhere…)

ABOUT (insert here in the brackets the ABOUT URL)

Write all the description you have in your ‘’ABOUT’’ page in the store (everything – for me it’s usually 5 sentences)


  • Your Next (Describe how big the potential is with this website)
  • Very trendy shop concept! Here are the categories: (list all your categories – can be 5+ lines – depends on your categories)
  • HD Video presentation with (describe you presenter) talking about (

Please watch here: (Insert your ‘’ABOUT’’ page URL)

  • Already built site including a list of all the products sourcing (In a word document)
  • Big Social Pages (Already Built For You)


  • Package of graphics for the slide shows and site (edited with the logo and only for the store)
  • The Theme was edited by my designer for best potential (for example: added more slides to the basic slide + added a slideshow to the categories (huge))
  • Full online store business
  • Similar Sales: (Just use similar to your website(role model) sales in the past – if you have any)
  • Customer Service ANY TIME (NEED HELP?)
  • Transfer process:
    • I’ll transfer the domain from my godaddy account to yours
    • make you the admin/owner of the shop with all the custom made features…
    • transfer all the social platforms
  • If you have a budget less then listed – massage me – we’ll talk about price and future business… (Add this line on the comments area too)

That’s it… This is your description you need!

  1. Pricing it & RESERVE & Opening Bid & Auction Time & Buy It Now Option & Payment Options :
  • Opening Bid: I usually Price it 500$ + (It’s not so high But not so low).

My rule is minimum 3000% ROI.

  • RESERVE: I like inserting the reserve price as the minimum Opening

Bid. Why. Because other will know that I’m not playing and this is the price… No minimum that is much higher that he sees…

  • Auction Time: use 6-7 days… You can always change it (just not 4 hours before ending).
  • Buy It Now: It’s optional – I say: do it!!! Just insert a 200$ more than the opening bid (It’s only my choice – do whatever you want)…
  • That’s it! You have your stage in the Platform… Now monitor it daily…
  1. Transferring The Asset To The Buyer

OK. So someone purchased you website. Now let’s move that asset to him smoothly! I know I mentioned this step when I told you what to write on your description. But here it is one more time, and more detailed:

  1. Transfer the domain from godaddy to godaddy:

You Need to ask for his:

  • Email address connected to ‘’Godaddy’’ account
  • ‘’Godaddy’’ customer number

(You learned it on ‘’Flipping Lab’’ main training)

( If you need help: – )

  1. Transfer The Shopify Store:
  • Send to the buyer’s email address the request to be a ‘’staff member’’ in the shopify store —-> Make him the account Owner.

(need help: (

  • After transferring the domain(Now the domain is in his godaddy account) and making him the admin – he need to go to shopify (online store —> domains) and one more time define as the domain for this shop…YES… one more time (because you transferred the domain to his godaddy account… so it’s on his account now – not mine/yours).
  1. Transfer The Social Accounts:

Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram: just change to his wanted password + change the email address to the owner’s email address… That’s it… Now it’s his…

Facebook: Ask him to like the page first —-> go to facebook —-> as page – —> make him an admin.

In Depth:

  1. Click Settings at the top of your Page.
  2. Click Page Roles in the left column.
  3. If the person is your Facebook friend/he liked the page, begin typing their name and select them from the list that appears. If the person isn’t your Facebook friend, type their email address.
  4. Click Editor to select a role from the dropdown menu.
  5. Click Save and enter your password to confirm.
    • That’s it! You transferred the Asset to the customer. Go and think about the next project!


Let’s wrap this up for you to start taking action on this Ecommerce Flipping Formula Training!

First of all I want to congratulate you for going through the Ecommerce Flipping Formula Training. I hope you see the power behind this huge income stream (1 of them, as an online Assets flipper). I hope you’ll take advantage of it!

If you wanted to be able to make Minimum 3000% ROI on this business – This advanced formula/income stream is the right for you! I hope you see it.

I tried to give you everything I know. If I’ll learn something new – You’re the first one to be updated… Believe me!

Try not re-inventing the wheel please – this is the perfect formula to make full time with Flipping Ecommerce sites… And we talked only about the minimum you can earn here…