Laser Targeted Quora Strategy to Profit With Clickbank Products – QUORA DONE RIGHT!

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It’s interesting how fast the internet is changing and how many new traffic sources are out there still to be discovered.

And always newbies suffers from TRAFFIC and they can’t promote anything or any good program for lacking of Traffic !

What if anyone can generate Target Traffic –

– ​without​ a website

– ​without ​an email

without spending any money

without ​​working hard

usingfree traffic ​only

– and asquickly as possible

The System always BLAST !

The following CLICKBANK INCOME CODE 2.0 method is perfect for new affiliates who ​haven’t made a Clickbank sale yet​and have very limited time to work on their online business.

10 to 15 minutes​a day is enough.

It works in anyniche​and you can receive free traffic almost instantly.

For this Method , We will focus Quora.

Don’t worry​,Perhaps previously you have tried Quora in different angel and didn’t get result.

But In this Method, You will see How you can GetUnlimited target

Traffic in any niche​at any time very QUICKLY !

What is

Quora is a question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users. The firm was founded in June 2009, and the website was made available to the public on June 21, 2010.

It’s now one of the leading ​​Q&A websites on the internet.

If you lookedfor something on Google, most likely you have seen in the search results.

Not only that you will get traffic from within the website itself, but the majority of the traffic will come from Google​, since quora rank very high on this search engine giant.

How do you get traffic from and make your first $100, $200, $500 with  Clickbank?

The whole concept of this method is tospend around 10 minutes a day​answering to the questions posted on and including your link back to your Clickbank blog.

Don’t worry, you don’t have ​to be an expert or very knowledgeable about your niche.

And youdon’t have to be a writer either.

Later in this post wewill show you a couple of twists​on how you can get a unique, high quality, very detailed answers, withoutwriting​.

Literally copying and pasting.

Your content ​will be unique ​and you will sound like you are an expert.

You will love this strategy.


Is posting links on Quora even possible?

Will Quora ban your account for posting links inside your answers? It’s more than possible and Quora is more than fine with that.

Here are a couple of live examples:

257 views and two links inside the post.

Here’s another one:

And another One :

As you can see, you can insert your links very easily and getfree clicks in a very competitive niche​ (fitness & health).

How much traffic does Quora can send you?

The reach is just massive.

Some individual posts can get well over1 million views.

Imagine youhad your link inside one of these posts?

Ready to get some of that free traffic?

Then let’s start!

Sign up on Quora

Go to

Click on ‘Sign Up With Email’.

(Note: Don’t forget to check your email after signing-up with Quora as there will be a confirmation link that needs to be clicked. If you can’t find that link in your inbox, just check your spam folder.)


Choose 10 topics that are closelyrelevant to your target niche​then hit ‘continue’.

Next, type in the topics relevant to your target niche then select the topic that suits your niche (select 3-5) then hit ‘continue’.



How your profile looks is veryimportant.​To set it up, click your profile name then hit ‘Profile’:

On your profile page focus on these three parts:

1. Add a photo of a real person.

Example​:If your target niche is health then a picture of a healthy fit person would work great.

  1. The ‘Biography’ will be your profession; just type in a profession relevant to your target niche.

Example​:if your target niche is health, then a good profession will be ‘Weight Loss Instructor’ or a ‘Fitness Teacher’ or a ‘Nutrition Specialist’.

  1. On your ‘Description’ add something that relates to your profession.

Example:​“Since 2012, I have helped my clients reach their personal fitness and health goals; the most prominent being weight loss and the attainment of lean muscle mass… blah..blah..blah”.

TIP :​We also recommend you to leave your landing page URL on your ‘’ Description’’ as some of traffic are going to check your profile first to see if you are trustworthy.

Note:​Make the above steps 1,2 and 3 as realistic as possible​as this will appear on your profile when answering a question just like this:


Having a proper profile will increase the chances of your answers being ‘Upvoted’ thus resulting in bringing your answers at the top of other answers. This will also ​increase Trust ​thus making your click-through-rate to your landing page higher.

Goal:​Your ultimate goal here is to add value, build a credible presence and aim for your answer to be ‘Upvoted’. How can I do this, you might say? Just by ​focusing on your niche ​and on your Clickbank related offer. Especially questions on your niche.

So here at QUORA, we only need 1account targeted to a specific niche​.If you want to answer questions not relevant to your original target niche, then wesuggest you to create another​account for that.

Now, we are going to find questions that need to be solved using a clickbank product and I will show you howwe do it with a twist!

Secret Method In Finding Questions

When finding questions to answer at Quora, you will always end up seeing questions with so many detailed answer results from fellow Quora users.

When you try to answer a question that has already lots of other answers, your answer will be located at the bottom most part of all other answer results which is pointless as visitors to the question page will not be able see it.

So how do we find questions with less to no answers, youmight ask?

Well, we will use Google!

Let’s say ​your target keyword is ‘lose weight’.

Head down to and copy and paste this search string as seen below: “niche/keyword”


1.​Input your target niche ​in between the double quotation marks.

2.​Click ‘Search tools’

3.​Click ‘Any time’

4.​And then choose ‘​Past 24 hours​

Boom!​You now have the latest newest questions​with less to no answers!

If you want to search more questions related to your target niche, then just change the keyword​in between the double quotation marks.

Choose a question that you feel will fit perfect on the Clickbankproduct​ that you have chosen to promote.

Now that we already have the latest questions in our hands including the question/s you have chosen to answer, the nextstep will be answering them​.But how can I answer questions where I don’t know nothing about my niche (ex. Health, Technology, Marketing, etc.) youmight ask?

We are going to show you our method of answering questions where we don’t know nothing about, ​again with a twist!

Secret Method In Answering Questions

You will notice that answers at Quora are super detailed. Yes, themore detailed your answer​is the more ‘Upvotes’ and click-throughs to your landing page you will get from Quora’s traffic.

So, howdo you do it? ​Again, we are going to use Google!

Go to and copyand paste this keyword: english to dutch

Then you will be presented with this:


Just type your keyword and it will be translatedinto Dutch language.

Next step is to copy ​the translated Dutch keyword and paste it again on Google search bar then add this search string (​inurl:artikel​) then hit the search button as seen below:

Wait, this is plagiarism​​,you might say! Well, not really. No. Thisis 100% safe and will never EVER violate any copyright laws.

So, let’s continue…

Now that we have the results, let’s take one website as an example. As seen below, we will not be clicking on the title of the article; instead we are going to click the ‘Translate this page’ link.

We have chosen ‘Dutch’ from all other languages as the grammaris almost 90% perfect​when translated to English.

So now that we have an English translated article, all you have to do now is copy the whole article and paste it on Microsoft Word then finalize it by proofreading (editing)​.

When it’s done, copyonly the 1st half of the finalized article​and paste it as an answer to a single Quora question that you have chosen and at the end give them your landing page link by saying:

“​Iknow these tips helped you out. I hope you get to etc etc. Want to know the #1 secret to etc etc?​”​(​then a link to your landing page​)

Anything along those lines should get them wanting to click on it.

What about the 2nd half of the answer?

We are going to use the 2nd half of the final article in our ‘Landing Page’ which will be discussed next.

Ok, but first we want to know that the translated article is100% unique​?

You can do this by heading to

Go ahead visit the page and paste your article. ​98% of the time​it should be completely ​unique.

Creating The Landing Page

Don’t panic, it’s optional​.But it’s much more safe and long-term​.

Even though we have seen many links directing straight to the Clickbank products and they seem to stick, but there’s no guarantee that your Quora account will last forever.

Direct affiliate links​are against​​Quora TOS.

What you may want to do is to create two separate accounts and use one for posting direct links to Clickbank and another to your pre-sell blog.

For this we are going to create a landing page as our pre-final source of information and ​within our landing page we will have a link to our Clickbank affiliate offer.

For this we are going to use a free Blogspot blog:

1.​Go to​and sign up. Once done…

2.​Create a ‘New Blog’

3.​Under TITLE, use this pattern:

Part 2: Relevant Keyword (ex. Part 2: How To Lose Weight Fast Tips) 4.​Under ADDRESS, any will do as long as it’s relevant to your target niche.

5.​Under TEMPLATE, just choose the ‘Simple’ template

6.​Hit the ‘Create blog’ button.

Now that your blogis ready​, copy the 2ndhalf of the final article in our blog as our new post.

Again make your post title relevant to your target niche. Once done; at the bottom part of our article will be our callto action linked to a Clickbank affiliate offer.

You can use something like:

“Click Here To Download (insert Clickbank product name here)”


“Check This Video Now!”

(this works great if the product you’re promoting has a video sales page)

Once finish, ​publish your first article ​and copy the main URL:

example below

Main URL =>

After copying your main URL, pasteit at the end of each answer as your referring landing page​;now you would notice that upon pasting the blogspot URL on Quora, itautomatically changes into a clickable text link (andtadaaa, your text link is the main title that you have put in the beginning of the blog that has ‘​Part 2’ in it as seen above.)

If you don’t have a Clickbank pre-sell blog already, you can browse through some of the answers and click on other people links.

You don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Justuse what’s already working.

Most of them already did the hard work for you by testing their pre-sell page format.

Use only the structure and the format, but don’t copy the content.

All done? Awesome, now you are ​ready to drive thousands of visitors to your affiliate offers ​for FREE!

What we’ve covered so far absolutely works; it’sbeen proven over and over again.

Now go to work and let us know your results!

I know this is not brand new method but it is revised and made in such way that it works always, over and over !

Take action and get Result !