How to Spread Your Niches Deep Over 300 Million People

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Habbo Hotel is an online community for players 13 years or older where you create your very  own Habbo character and design hotel rooms. You’ll also meet new friends, chat, organize parties, look after virtual pets, create and play games and complete quests. Lots of activities in the hotel will earn you badges too. Habbo is all about having fun with friends in a safe and exciting environment.


The method is promotion of niches such as hacks and cracks. For traffic the well known site will be used. Before we start you must understand that this method has big potential but your Habbo account may get terminated/banned but do not lose hope and always work very hard.

Step 1: Go to

Here is a screnshot of the homepage of Habbo. To join the community you can either use your
FACEBOOK account or register using E-mail address. The Second option is recommended since there are chances of account getting banned or deleted since the method might not bew suitable with their TOS.

Step 2: Register a free account at Habbo Hotel

Main Part: Once you have registered add as many friends as possible. Once you have done so choose a niche. Lets choose FACEBOOK HACKER as a niche for this tutorial. We will use the chat feature of Habbo to find friends and promote niche. Create a simple, sleek landing page for the niche and set up file/content/link locker. Then start chatting with your friends and in betwen conversation slip in the landing page link. e.g ‘Hey i can now hack any Facebook account I want using this software – LP Link’ Try to make as many friends as possible and rinse and repeat the same procedure.