Find out 3 Red-HOT Reselling Secrets that Made me FORTUNE in last 6 Months

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Now, let me tell you 3 RED-HOT SECRETS for making money online with LITTLE – NO INVESTMENT that practically no one knows but can GUARANTEE SUCCESS

#1 – Help companies make their website mobile-friendly

  • Go to Google and search for companies (e.g. dental, construction, towing)
  • Copy their link and paste it on Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test []
  • Look for a website that doesn’t pass this test
  • Contact the owners via email or phone
  • Charge them $250 to allow you to help them optimise their website
  • Make sure they allow you to access their web host (most probably HostGator)

How should you convince them?

Their website looks like crap on the phone (if they don’t believe it, ask them to check it themselves) and they are going to lose a lot of customers. People are using their phones more nowadays to surf on the internet or check for services. If they stumbled across their page, they would immediately leave without having a second thought as the page isn’t very appealing to the eyes.

Having a mobile-friendly website allows them to rank higher on Google

(probably even in the first page). Most companies would love it as this is a way for them to get FREE traffic. Furthermore, Google’s recent update penalises some sites that aren’t mobile-friendly, which would hurt their ranking.

  • Go to their web host, then to their control panel
  • Under Special Offer, click on “WordPress – 1 Click Installation”

  • Fill in the domain name and the directory as “m” [which stands for mobile]

  • Fill in the Blog Title with the Company’s name and the rest according to the owner’s details

  • Hit Install
  • You have now created a new WordPress account for the owner

How can they access the page?

Let’s take as an example for their website.

Now, they can access the website on mobile by putting an “m” behind []

They can also access the admin page by typing this “wp-admin” in []

  • Upload the Mobilize file

  • Under Appearance, select Theme Options

  • Fill in all their details inside

BOOM! YOU ARE DONE! You got a profit of $237 today! The more you do it, the more money you will be making!

*Quick Tip: Only do it when you have confirmed with the business owners. Charge higher if they have brand [so you can earn more]. The zip file can be used repeatedly, so that $13 is a good investment for you to make hundreds repeatedly.

#2 – Earn money by sending 5 emails

Why 5?

It is proven that it takes 5 follow ups to get someone’s attention

  • Go to Google and search [site: “Is this your business?” {your country}]

  • Choose a website [I’ll take iDelivery Singapore for this example] [As you can see, it’s unclaimed]

Why do they need to claim their business?

They will appear as they are out of business and every customer who comes across their listings are going to question whether they are still in business.

If they get any bad reviews, they can’t respond to those bad reviews. This will make them appear as they do not care about their reputation or their customers.

They are losing out on a lot of potential businesses as they will appear as they are out of business and do not care about their reputation.

  • Go to the link that is placed in Yelp itself, if not, go to Google and find it
  • Find their email address

Why ReBump?

It sends friendly follow-up messages to your email recipients for you. These automated emails are customized to appear as if you sent the emails yourself. You can track and analyse all your follow-up emails with your ReBump account.

It also has an average of 30% response rate, so you will get your clients to reply to you.

How should you set up your email sequence?

1st email:

Subject: Are you still in business?

Content: I came across your Yelp listing and noticed that it says “unclaimed”. I’m just wondering if you are still in business?

Call me: +123 456 789 0 OR Please reply to me with this email.

2nd email:

Subject: Is that a no?

Content: Hi, I emailed you previously asking you if you are still in business but have not received a response. Email is below…

[Link your 1st email here]

3rd email:

Subject: Your business is listed as unclaimed

Content: I came across your listing online a few days ago and noticed you’re listed as “unclaimed”. Are you aware of this? Get in touch with me to resolve this as you’re missing out on a lot of business.

[Link your 1st email here]

4th email:

Subject: Can you handle more customers?

Content: I’m reaching out again, because I’ve still not heard back from you. Your Yelp listing is listed as unclaimed, so customers think you’re no longer in business!

This is an easy fix. I’ll help you out with it.

Call me: +123 456 789 0

[Link your 1st email here]

5th email:

Subject: Final notice

Content: I’ve sent you a few emails about your Yelp listing being unclaimed. If you don’t claim it, your customers might think that you’re not in business. You are also unable to respond to bad reviews, which means customers might think you don’t care about them. Most importantly you’re losing out on getting more customers. Can I please help you fix this?

Call me: +123 456 789 0

No pressure.

*It’s okay if you do not want to use Rebump, you can always do it manually if you are on a tight budget*

*Quick tip: always send the next email two days after the previous email

  • Fill in the name of the business

  • Fill in their details for the next few slides [Do a research on them and make sure all the information is correct]

You will then reach this page and you will need to contact the owner to verify

After verification, you will be directed to this page

Help them fill up everything

Go to PixaBay [] to find free photos for them

What have you offered them?

You helped them claim their business and rank on Google so that they can get more customers.

Their business will appear like seen below

How much can you charge them for?

You can charge them from $500 to $1000 for the service.


#3 – Pinterest money-making secret system

  • Start following people who have the same niche/profile as you

[If you have a profile which is about entrepreneurship, find people who falls under this category too] [Follow 120 profiles per day]

  • Start unfollowing people who did not follow you AFTER ONE WEEK
  • You will have a board where you can put up interesting contents and affiliate offers



  • Join a group board
    • Owners benefit as you are adding content to their group
    • You are benefitting as more people are noticing you and may even follow you / buy your affiliate offer [basically FREE traffic]



[Over 100 people are hiring Pinterest Experts to help them do what I’ve mentioned above, and most of them are willing to pay $1000-$2000 for it]

  • Go to Upwork []
  • After verification, go to your profile and fill in the security question. You will be directed to this page after that.

  • Save and continue
  • Fill up your necessary details for your clients to notice you

Go under “Find Work” and type in Pinterest.

Get clients and start working right now!

Final Thoughts:

  • You are now able to start working online with the methods that I have taught you and start making sales
  • I can’t guarantee your success as it depends on your hard work and how much time you are willing to invest in it