Facebook Marketing in 2019 – SMART Strategies + Case Study!

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Today is the most exciting time for consultants and people who want to work from home. Whether you’re looking to just make a few bucks off of a couple of clients, or you’re seeking to set up and build a local consultant shop with dozens of clients; today’s economy offers THE BEST opportunity for any one who is willing to put in a little time and effort.

One reason for this immense opportunity are the online services available to local businesses such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These platforms give people and businesses the power to reach their exact audience, and with the right message, pull out more business and generate more revenue over traditional marketing.

Since there are so many platforms, services, and solutions; business owners need someone like you to help them navigate the maze of online marketing.

Even if you’ve only ever spent 1 hour studying online marketing, you would have done more research, and know 5 times more than most business owners. This is because most biz owners are solely focused on running their business, and don’t have time or desire to learn about social media solutions and platforms.

It is more or less a form of laziness, because the service I will cover in this guide is so easy, a 10-year-old child could figure it out. Not like there is much to figure out, since we’re really only typing a few words into a small text field inside of the business owner’s Facebook account.

Now, before we begin, there are a few things we should cover, just to be sure that you and I are on the same page.

First and foremost, you need to get excited. The opportunity is there for you. You just need to pick it up. And once you pick it up, you just need to hold onto it and nurture it for at least one hour a day.

That one hour a day of nurture, will yield fruit for you; so long as you put the lessons I will teach you in this book into action, and you don’t give up or surrender to rejection and the feeling of defeat.

Defeat sucks and I feel it often. Whenever a campaign, project, or anything that I’m trying to do fails; defeat knocks the wind out of my sails.

This is the case for most people as getting the wind knocked out of your sails is a natural response to failure. It happens. The key is what you do after you fail.

You can give up. Which actually doesn’t help anyone or get you anywhere.

Or you can choose to persist.

Did you know that most entrepreneurs have 3 to 5 monumental failures before they even see a single success? There is rarely a story of a single and first attempt ever working. It happens but the common occurrence is several failures and disappointments followed by the achievement of one’s dreams.

So understand that you will often run into disappointment, but how you respond and your persistence in the face of disappointment is THE ONLY thing that will see you through to a MAJOR WIN.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that you need to view this and other business opportunities as a chance to lift yourself up. A hill to climb of sorts, because there are rewards for those who keep climbing. Sometimes, the rope breaks and you fall down. When the rope breaks; tie a new knot, or get a new rope, and start climbing again. The rewards are worth the effort, and the opportunity & rewards are real; so keep at it. Don’t give up.

I’ve done my best to predict what you need to find, service, and get paid from business owners based on my experience with them offering this and other services; all you need to do is add persistence and a desire to grab onto this opportunity.

Now, with that out of the way; let’s talk about this Facebook service’s business model and how we’re going to make money with it.


If you’ve ever done a Facebook search for a local business or business type, you will notice many Facebook pages that match your search term:

These results list out mapped businesses, as well as fan and business pages and other results.

Click through to a page or listing and you’ll find the business’ Facebook page. If they page is managed, you’ll see it as claimed; perhaps some pictures, as well as posts and offers that the business owner hopes will draw in customers.

Sadly, most pages are claimed but not managed, and many are not optimized with respects to search.

Offers, posts, and pictures notwithstanding, a component of this optimization is the custom Facebook URL also known as a vanity URL. Many pages simply ignore this component and do not put in an optimized URL.

The default URL is typically formatted as “page name” + “FB Identification Number” …and will look like the below:

This URL is not something that’s easy to remember, nor is an search optimized address for the page.

The Facebook page should have a vanity URL that is easy to remember and optimized for search. For example, this pizza place has a vanity Url that can be said to be optimized for their name search:

Ideally, you want page names optimized for search. If the nature of the business is that their customers search for them by name, then this is adequate; however, if the nature of the business is to generate leads from Facebook, and not necessary by a name-search; then you want this URL to closely match some search term that the business’ customers are using.

  1. good middle ground is use “business name” + “term or modifier” but we will go into detail about how to do this a bit later in this course.

The first example presented will have a hard time ranking in Google, while the second example has a better chance for ranking for a name search. Neither page will have much of a chance to rank for a specific search term.

As a result of these generic names, business owners are missing out on a ton of potential business as most customers do not do a name search; they use some search term that describes their problem or desires.

These business owners could see an immediate benefit once they change their URL to a vanity and take a few steps to further optimize their rank and presence.

Now, these biz owners are missing out on a ton of search traffic and potential buyers, and you are capable of helping them fix this issue so they see more traffic and revenue. They will pay you to do the work for them; simply because they are too lazy or unwilling to do it themselves.

All it takes is a willingness on your part to 1) find business owners who are not optimized and 2) reach out to as many of owners who have the problem and make a reasonably offer to fix.

As with all consulting services, this is a numbers game, and in the upcoming section I will walk you through finding them.

Given the fact that over 60 million businesses have a Facebook page and that 40% of users like or follow a business’ page to receive a special offer, the opportunity to tap into real revenue generation is real, as is the opportunity for you to provide this service as a gateway into larger, more profitable social media marketing campaigns.


To find business pages, all you need to do is search for them on Facebook. It is that simple and all it takes is a little time. Of course, you could hire an outsourcer to compile a list of prospects for you, and even pay them to do all of the outreach. Then you follow up and close the deal. This is ideal, but we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves.

Use Facebook’s search bar at the top of the page to search for pages for local businesses. Focus in on a niche that is active on Facebook.

  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Financial Services
  • Shopping / Retail
  • Professional Services
  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Food & Grocery
  • Hotel & Tourism

This is not an exhaustive list. In fact, there are many to choose from and often times this can yield some indecision.

At the end of the day, if you don’t know which niche to pick, just pick one; any one and start prospecting. There is no need to know which niche is “the best” because most will see benefit from increased social media traffic and engagement.

If you feel compelled to further categorize a niche as “the best” then choose

  1. niche with the highest customer value (the money generated when that business closes a sale) since the higher the customer value, the more you can charge for providing consulting services.

Beyond a given niche, our criteria is quite basic:

  1. Is an established business
  2. Has an active Facebook presence
  3. Does not have a vanity or custom URL for their page
  4. May or may not have optimized profile
  5. Has a decent lifetime customer value

This is mostly basic stuff with the exception of #4 and #5.

First, you want a client who values their FB presence; a page with some content demonstrates that they are trying, so someone who tries is assigning some value to their social media. A client who doesn’t curate their FB page, may or may not care; we won’t know until we contact them to determine if they’d pay for our services. Either can be targeted.

Next, in terms of lifetime customer value (LCV) …this is the amount of money generated when the business acquires a customer who will buy over the long term (yes, to put in very basic terms.) For example, a person who needs an attorney will have a LCV that is significantly higher than a pizza restaurant patron. The more money our clients make off of a lead, the higher our fees can be. The inverse is also true. Lower LCV = Lower Fee!

So now that you understand the criteria, let’s begin prospecting.

  1. good practice is to search for a specific niche of businesses in a defined specific area.

Compile a list of 100 prospects that fit the criteria I’ve given you.

Once you have your list of 100, start going down the list one by one. Reach out via email, FB messenger, and/or telephone and sell this service.

Important Step:

Your message needs to be sent to the right person in the company.

Some students have told me that their emails always go unanswered, and

  1. out of 10 cases are solved by doing just a little research before prospecting and sales.

To find the right person to contact, use LinkedIn.com or Manta.com to research the name of the owner or decision makers.

I’ve learned that by doing this step, I get a much better response rate to my proposals.

Often times you will need to hunt down a business’ email address if it isn’t published online. The best way to do this is to call them up and ask for “the email address to which I can address marketing proposals.”


One of the best parts of this method is that clients who need this are all around us and are easily discoverable.

Facebook and Google will be your primary lead sources, however, to help you uncover who the owners or decision makers are; LinkedIn and Manta.com allows us to search through the company. Profiles of employees or managers can be found if they are active or have maintained

  1. profile in the past. And you can also use a service like Hunter to locate any published email address.

Remember: if an email address or identity of the business owner is not known or published, you can always call up and ask.

Phone Pitch To Get An Email / ID:

“Hello, I’d like to submit a proposal. May I please have the name and email address of the person responsible for sales & marketing decisions?”

Build Your Own Lead List

Much success can be had giving away free strategy guides to business owners; getting them on your email list and sending out offers via autoresponder over the course of a few weeks.

Such a sequence does the selling for you, so you only tend to deal with people who have already paid you, beyond the occasional comment and replies.

If you have money to invest in your consulting business, consider purchasing some FB lead ads; targeting owners of businesses and job titles that hint at decision making ability. (owner, vice president, manager, media planner / buyer, vp marketing, business development specialist, etc)

You will need some lead bait. A quick report that highlights common pitfalls and recommends simple changes a specific business could use.


Here is a template for you to use for outreach:

Subject: double the number of customers from Facebook?

Hey [name]

I noticed you are using Facebook to [collect leads for your accounting firm] [grow your reach for your restaurant] but also noticed that your page is not exactly engaging, nor is it optimized for search.

Full Stop: this means your company is missing out on [a ton of new business], and more or less forcing your clientele in the arms of your competition in [town.]

[I know you are making a big push to generate leads, promote the xyz event, grow your social media sales / followers] this quarter. So why are you sabotaging your own marketing, when Facebook can bring you so much more return on your investment?

If social media is unimportant to you, I understand. However, your presence there tells me you’re making an attempt. Maybe you’re getting a tepid response, and if so, let’s partner up and work the problem together.

You don’t have to go at it alone and doing it ‘the right way’ is surprisingly cost-effective and profitable. I can prove to you that the right strategy will produce measurable results from your social media properties like Facebook with just a few tweaks.

My methods will boost the results of your marketing efforts and extend the reach of your marketing expense; meaning, I will actually cost you less than any other solution you’ve ever tried in the past.

Let me prove it to you. Simple reply with “I’m interested,” and I’ll send along details with next steps.

All the best,


-Contact Info

P.S. I’m only looking to work with a handful of [their business types] so please let me know soon or I’ll have pass your seat to another [business type] in [location]


Understand that using FB messenger as an effective sales & prospecting tool is strictly conversational. You need to be able to articulate, in real time, the service offer, why it benefits them, get them to agree it benefits, convince them to take action, and give the steps they need to follow.

Your first challenge is getting attention.

Pro Tip: Short statements and questions are more effective than just dropping a wall of text such as a full email or message. Messages that are not engaging or appear to be from spam or bots are often times ignored.

Questions or statements that get attention and provide response need to pull on the heartstrings of the person emotionally invested in the business.

These short messages are like little bits of bait we throw into a fish tank. We want to get a nibble. If we just throw the whole bottle into the tank; the mass will just scare all the little fish away. You follow me here?

Hi Name, I noticed you were (promoting a sales event) but failing to reaching many customers on your fb page. Are you happy throwing money away?

Hey Name, why is your page not tuned to capture leads? The [competitor] is fairing much better. Want to learn how to stop sending your customers [leads] their way and wasting money?

Hey Name, do you accept proposals for Facebook marketing? I noticed your presence is not very optimized. This alone is causing you to lose out on leads.

Theses short teasers are meant to get the recipient’s attention and force them to take some minor action (replying).

In our intro, we always use a name, preferably on record of the owner or some manager of the small business company. For larger companies, it is more professional to call the front desk and ask for the contact info for the person responsible for marketing tasks.

If the person you get isn’t the owner (such as a delegate or manager) they will likely tell you who they are and what they do at the company. You may have to ask, and you should if they don’t volunteer that information.

Don’t pitch them anything if they are just someone who was hired to field FB messages. That person won’t care about your offer. Their job is usually just to keep the peace, moderate the page and pass messages up the chain of command. You will run into them on occasion.

When some delegate responds, get them to adopt your cause and scurry it up the chain of command for a decision (thus resulting in you getting paid.)

If it is not the owner, request to be put in touch with the person responsible for decisions on social media proposals or simple ask for the best way to submit a proposal to the biz owner. If they have a process in place and generally entertain such proposals, they will have contact information for you. If they pass on an email contact, send your email message template to that contact via email, or hunt them down on Facebook and/or LinkedIn.

Nevertheless, you’ll sometimes get the owner as the online marketing of many smaller local shops consists solely of and is purely managed by one person; that owner.

Keep in mind, they might have no idea what they’re doing on Facebook, and just make a tiny effort because deep down they “know I need to.”

If they are a qualified decision maker, and are ready to hear your pitch right then and there, then deliver it:

I noticed you are using Facebook to [collect leads for your accounting firm] [grow your reach for your restaurant] but also noticed that your page is not exactly engaging, nor is it optimized for search.

Is social media marketing part of your marketing budget?

Let them talk. You want to qualify them as a buyer. If they don’t buy, don’t waste too much time with them. Move towards the offer.

Would you consider some help if I could guarantee real revenue from the improvement I’ll make to your FB presence?

If they answer in the affirmative, and want to know what you’ll do; describe what you want to do, finishing with a revenue-related benefit:

You will see immediate improvements if we repair your page configuration, and restructure it based on your buyer’s keywords, which I will research. I’ll also optimize your FB profile. Once everything is refreshed, I’ll setup a quick way for you to [accept leads.] and produce some content to [compel optins or buyer actions for your store, business] How does that sound?

That last statement is a direct offer; you are testing “a soft close” to see if they are interested in entertaining the offer by telling them what you want to do.

Address any questions they might have, as this moment is when you’ll sometimes get them. I get into the specifics of this service in a later chapter, so don’t worry about them now if you don’t know how to answer their questions.

If they are keen to the idea of working together;

Great! Are you ready to get started now?

My fee is $600 to do the setup, and $250/mo to publish content.

If they accept the fee move onto the next message:

Where can I email over my statement of work which details my entire proposal and sign up link so you can get started?

Keep in mind, fees vary based on scale of business and customer value. Figures presented here assume the owner can afford the fees I’m presenting.

If they balk, then either they can’t make the decision, are not sold on the benefits, or don’t care about your offer. Help them make a decision or pry to find out why your service isn’t’ a good fit. Discover the objection and dismantle it some benefit.

This is too expensive! E.g. they balk at the fee:

If you’re ready to get started, but anxious about the fee, I’m willing to cut a deal to win your business. If I [waved the setup fee] in exchange for 3 months of sales generating FB content; could I win your business?

How much is a customer worth to you? I estimate it is close to my fee. Which means it only takes one customer to pay for the program. And every other [lead] is a huge return on investment!

This is not for me!

To be honest, I think it is a perfect fit. Your business is trying to [generate leads online], you’re willing to invest in social media marketing that generates revenue, and I have the perfect plan to get you there. Why don’t you think this is for you?

Someone already does this for me or I do it

You should fire them (or yourself – laughingly) because you’re missing some important things on your page, and you’re not bringing in the amount of leads or business or extending your reach liked you hoped. You want to make money from Facebook? Let me show you how…

You can provide a screenshot or something to demonstrate lack of engagement; such as old posts, bad pictures, and no lead capture or call to action on their search result or fan page.

Screenshot: see, no lead capture.

Screenshot: see, your competitor using lead capture

This is often the strongest selling method, so it often pays to push them to the point of rejecting or questioning your offer, just so you can smack down the objection with cold hard visual proof.

As a mentor once told me, “You’re not selling until they say NO.”

Obviously, we don’t want to come as adversarial, and you’re truly not; even if you feel being direct is being confrontational. It isn’t. You’re demonstrating that you’re in business, seeking shared opportunity, and also care about your prospective clients as much as they do for their own customers. You see a deficiency and a need, and willing to do the work where the owner demonstrated lack of proficiency or a direct need.

In any event; get them to agree they need help, confirm they are interested getting help and can afford your fees as stated. If so, get them to link to sign up.


One of the most effective methods I’ve used to sell is something I call the ‘warm referral roundtable.’

I get a handful of clients hot under the collar, and then top it off by giving them something for free. Typically, this is just fixing their page configuration, adding a vanity URL, and/or updating the fan page. Things that normally take me just a few minutes to complete.

The condition for “free” work is that they have to give me 3 referrals. I will literally promise them free work IF they can tell me the names of three other owners who may benefit and promise to do an introduction.

I usually say, “Look here, I’ll happily do this for you, at no cost. In exchange, all I ask is that you find three other biz owners who you think will be a good fit and have them text me.”

Doing this has turned my smart phone into a SMS cash machine!

Business owners love to network and talk among themselves. When you deliver value to one (without costing a dime,) most are happy to help you get new clients among their network.


Once you have a paid client, it is time to fulfill the service promised. This might vary to some degree, such as the owners doesn’t want to buy content, and just wants you to reconfigure their page.

Before you fulfill any service, you will obviously need the business to be your client. You will also need to be an admin, editor, or moderator of their page with the proper level of permissions.

To get permissions, have the owner follow the steps outlined in this FB help doc: https://www.facebook.com/help/187316341316631


The primary setup service is:

  1. Research Keywords For Their Business
  2. Claim A Vanity URL For Their Page
  3. Refresh / Fill Out Their Profile
  4. Find Some Directory Sites For Backlink Value
  5. Verify The Page With Facebook
  6. If Applicable, Add A “Book Now” Or “Free Quote” Button To Their Page

This service fee should be between $500 to $1,000. Lower if you want to under sell yourself. Don’t be opposed to slashing this fee some if it helps move owners off the fence.

If you’re not doing the work yourself, then you’ll need room to pay for an outsourcer. Note, you can use the lists here as deliverables for outsources if you go that route.

For any full package that includes content:

  1. Keyword Research For Social Media articles
  2. Weekly article content

You should content at some rate proportional to the amount of cost of that content’s production, frequency or volume of content posts, and customer value.

This service fee should be between $200 and $500 / month for smaller clients, and higher for aggressive campaigns. Just remember that you need room to make a profit from each customer and pay for someone to product the content for the client’s page.

These should be posts written to help educate their customers on the benefits of doing business with your client and make offers that lure them to come into the store, make an online purchase, or submit their lead information.

Advertising – Fee: Related to Budget

You also have the option to offer advertising and lead generation via paid promotion, and I will explain how to upsell the FB lead ad advertising service add-on a bit later in this course.


Go to www.facebook.com/username

  • Select “Select a Username” for your page
  • This brings up a drop down menu, select the page you want to create the username for.
  • If your page has the needed 25 fans it will bring up a box .
  • Enter your desired username and click on “check availability”
  • If it’s available, you will be shown terms – if you are happy with your choice click “confirm” or select “cancel” to try another one.


One of the most important aspects of providing any digital marketing service is performing keyword research.

Since Google changed their keyword tool offering, I’ve been using a free chrome plugin to give me a least a basic understanding of the keywords used during a search.

Go ahead and grab the Chrome browser plugin called “Keywords

Everywhere” which can be found at the link below:


The plugin provides aggregate search data on keywords & phrases, as well as cost per click and a competition rating:

You are looking for some terms that match a potential page name.

You wouldn’t want your page name to be just Luther’s Pizza. Use a term like “Luther’s-Pizza-Best-Pizza-In-Chicago” if there happens to be search traffic for “best pizza in location.

This research will also yield keywords you can use for your headlines, articles and posts for the client’s page.

Expect the volume for most local biz related terms to be low. Remember, this traffic can add up by using many low-volume terms with frequent posts that utilize them.


Next, you want to refresh the client’s page. Sometimes this won’t be necessary beyond a cursory look. Some biz owners are religious about making posts, and keeping the page updated. What you’ll often find is that their posts are not exactly written for search or don’t compel any engagement or contact with the company.

Ensure they are in the properly category, all the contact and business information is accurate. Ask the owner for new pictures, especially if their post history is a little dated.

Depending on the nature of the business, you can see big results from adding a button to a Facebook page if they are not already using one.

For example, an accountant could see leads if you had a “free quote” or “book now” button to the page.

  1. restaurant could see more take-out orders if the FB user had a way to order from their phone right on the page. I published a popular course on adding this functionality specifically to restaurants.

Getting Backlinks

For practical backlinking of local businesses, I target almost exclusively directory sites.

I use Hubspot’s exhaustive list of directory sites and link directly to the

Facebook page for the less popular directories. See the list below:


For businesses that have an information or professional audience, guest posting on partner websites and pages can provide a high-quality backlink. This is something you can propose to the business owner, and not something you would do unilaterally.


Verification helps people know that your client’s page is authentic by placing a gray badge on the page.

To affect the verification process. You will need to coordinate with the client so they can provide the verification code: The process takes just a few minutes.

  • Click Settings at the top of the fan Page
  • From General, click Page Verification
  • Click Verify this Page, then click Get Started
  • Enter the listed phone number for the business, the country and language
  • Click “Call Me Now” to allow Facebook to send a verification code
  • Enter the 4-digit verification code and click Continue


One of the best ways to distributed FB content is to schedule it ahead of time. This way you’re not stuck making posts for clients on the days you’ve planned to publish.

Schedule a post:

  • Start creating your post at the top of your Page’s Timeline
  • Click the dropdown button next to “Publish” and select “Schedule”
  • Below “Publication”, select the date and time to publish
  • Click “Schedule”

To reschedule or edit a scheduled post:

  • Click “Publishing Tools” at the top of the page
  • Click “Scheduled Posts” on the left
  • Click the post you wish to edit
  • Click “Edit” to edit the post, or click the dropdown

You can also use a service such as https://hootsuite.com/ to automate content posts and promotions.


The absolute best way to quickly produce content and promotional ideas for your clients is to spy on the client’s direct competition. There are a few ways to do this, and some tools to help you put your finger on the pulse of your client’s market.

In the local main street business space, these competitors will usually be similar businesses near the client’s location.

Keep in mind that the nature of the competition can vary greatly on the type of business, location, type of clientele, services/goods sold, and the method upon which service is provided.

  1. pizza shop would have a service area of a few miles of a town, where a swimming pool service company might cover many counties and miles.

When in doubt; ask your client “who is your competition” – their answer will help you do your research.

Most methods of “competitive analysis” require the use of paid tools. You may not wish to purchase access to these tools out of the gate. They are worth the investment, but if you don’t have any clients, why add the expense if you don’t have to?

Look to the left of any business’ Facebook page. Under the main profile picture, and at the bottom of the list will be a link called “Info & Ads.”

Pro Tip: You can also do this on a client’s page to see if they have done any recent advertising during your prospecting stage.

Clicking this link will show you ads for this page. Unfortunately, it won’t give you most detailed performance information, but it is a free peek.

In a general approach, you could view ads in your client’s category in an online database.

Visit https://adespresso.com/ads-examples/ and do some digging to see ads that may be relevant to local businesses.

If you want more detail; this is where the paid services come into play…

AdLeap will give you a more complete picture, along with stats of advertisements and promotions that are getting real results:


Bear in mind there will be a lot of online offers here that are not relevant to your clients. This remains a great area for ideas; many local businesses can sell something online as a means to generate extra revenue.

If you see advertisements for a product that your client offers, or something that may align with the audience of the ad, you could offer to help the business owner set up an eBay, Etsy, or Amazon store (charging a setup fee and earning a commission of their sales!)

In the case of businesses that don’t sell a hard product, such as professional services – an accountant can offer and sell telephone consultations via advertising using Lead Ads to gain booking requests through Facebook. This instantly sells your Ad Management fees!

Lastly, I would also checkout Adsova. This paid monthly service has a database of over 500,000 advertisements. Some will be relevant to your client’s interests, and most will be able to offer ideas.


As you discover ads, locate the ad’s page on Facebook. Their posts will be great sources of content and ideas for your client services.

The whole point here is to recognize that you will NEVER be able to just sit down and come up with ideas, and if you do, the ideas you come up with will be unproven and mere fragments of the best ideas (ideas that are out there already working.)

You must look outside of the box and be prepared to do a little digging to uncover the best ideas, and you only need to scratch the surface. Simply study what’s working in the real world and mimic what you find.


The easiest way to get paid is via a PayPal link. Of course, this only makes it easier for you to accept payment.

You could always ask for a check or even a bank transfer.

I’ve found that offering a payment link just makes the process a heck of a lot easier and hassle-free for the business owner and is worth the fee.

  1. Create a PayPal Business Account and log in at www.paypal.com
  2. Up at the top of the page, select to Tools
  3. Then select PayPal Buttons
  4. On the right, select “Create New Button
  5. On the next page, choose “Button Type: Buy Now
  6. Name the item: “City or Town Facebook Program”

a. Example: “Chicago Facebook Program”

  1. Choose an optional item id, I usually use the offer initials, and a number to help me track which products are selling. Example: “PromoIL01”
  2. Fill in your price amount
  3. You won’t need to customize anything else, so click Create Button
  4. On the next page, choose the EMAIL tab
  5. Copy the email pay link and record it to your notes. You’ll put this on your Buy Scenario landing page

The pay link looks like:


NOTE: Make sure you are not using the Website button link.

Use the email link! Also, make sure you include the trailing slash at the end of the link if the PayPal buy link contains one.

Include the link in your FB message or email when the prospect has been closed and is ready to sign up or pay for a service.


You should be offering an upsell to each and every client who has paid for your services. Doing so grows your client value and is the real secret to build a high-ticket Facebook consultancy.

You’ll find that roughly 20 to 30% of your front-end clients will buy some other type of service from you.

These clients will be your bread & butter and will pay you each month to provide services.

  1. natural extension to the work you are already doing for them is lead advertising. Naturally lead generation fits a specific set of niches; those businesses who collect contact information and follow up with a sales call

or sales material. For example, where a restaurant would be advertising to grow their local reach, an attorney may advertise to prompt an inbound telephone call or consultation request.

Facebook has most of this functionality built right in. In fact, you could simply use a button on their page to accept requests.

Adding a third-party solution for adding those requestors to an email list further generates something tangible; an email lead the business owner can market to. This tangible lead has great value and we can charge a hefty sum for the pleasure when the customer value is high.

You can upsell other services if you wish (and the business owner can benefit from them) …just remember that upselling is about growing the customer value. Don’t upsell services that are low-ticket. Go for the big spenders.

  1. third of your prospects will have significant funds to invest in a marketing program and will do so if prompted or given the chance. Why shouldn’t they invest with you?


Increasing the value of the customer is the secret to growing your consultant business and getting paid higher fees. Once you have a client paying you for services, you have an open door to offer them other services and products so long as a need is met.

Just be sure to only upsell services if they can benefit them. Do not sell services if they do not provide a benefit to the business’ operation.

In this section, I am going to give you a short list of some of the highest converting services I offer:

Mobile App Services to Sell

Building mobile apps for a business is huge. You can charge over $10,000 to build an app that costs you a fraction of that fee to build online, and collect recurring revenue providing business owners ‘push notification’ services. Most biz owners will have an app idea already in their head and just need YOU to make it a reality.

Here are some of the online app builders I use to create apps for clients:

Reputation Management

Reputation management go hand in hand with every online presence, especially for those businesses that are having their name trashed online through negative reviews. Here are two white label programs that I use to manage my client’s reputation services:

Google Search Engine Optimization

Most of my clients opt for Google SEO because they make the connection between Google My Biz, Social, and Local SEO. Use these white label partners for a very cost-effective reseller opportunity.

You’ll charge the customer $750 to $1,000 and the real cost will be around $200 to $400/month. A few hundred dollars for letting others do the work is

  1. small price and since the client is paying you and you’re paying the reseller, the difference makes for a great profit:

Pro Tip: Bear in mind that SEO-Reseller provides many of these services at competitive pricing; however, don’t be afraid to shop around when selecting resellers.


Often it is helpful to have a simple, low-priced offer to get your foot into the door and build some trust with your client, which ultimately yields high ticket campaigns for a client who can afford them.

For example:

  • Claiming and configuring Yelp/GBiz/Instagram profiles
  • Setting up Google Alerts for business name & reviews
  • Updating info on social sites
  • Setting up Google Analytics
  • Creating an opt in customer email list and offer

These and other micro-services would be one hour’s work for easy money.

  1. $97 to $199 price point is well within the reach of nearly any local business owner.

Gateway services are also fun to bundle, because you can give the prospect a bargain. If those services are $97 each, it has a retail value of $485. Offer it a bit lower, for example: $399. This kind of price drop is often enough to pull fence-sitters over to your side.

After you complete a micro-service; upsell the more expensive offers like FB / Instagram Advertising or Lead Ads, app development, video content, etc.

Listen, you want to know a killer strategy for servicing clients? This one trick is ignored by most consultants, despite being right under our noses.

The strategy is as follows:

Know Everything About Your Clients

You want to know more about them than they know about themselves. Study everything you can about them. Learn what they do, how they do it, what the pitfalls and challengers are, and where they struggle the most.

Really dig into their business: search, read, and ask.

Having and maintaining clients works like keeping a good friendship. You each do something for each other; you know what’s important and appropriate for the relationship, and you step in when your friend needs a hand.

Think of clients as friends; not in the buddy-buddy kind of way, but as someone whom you respect and care about. The cliché of “putting on their shoes and walking a mile” rings true. Understand their struggles in the context of their business – their professional life and recommend (sell) marketing services that address issues where you can find them.

This type of approach works surprisingly well with middle-sized corporate clients. This scale of client is truly your gold standard: easy to work with and pays more than smaller establishments.

  1. good stick from which to measure a company size is their physical office. Google Street View is your friend here – navigate to their address. Does their building look like a scene from the movie Robocop, or does it look

successful? If the latter, they can likely afford your high ticket programs and campaign ideas. Looks can be deceiving, of course. Your other research will uncover other clues to help you get to know your clients.

It starts and ends with communication and having that back & forth with the client. Get them talking:

“So Joe, walk me through the typical day at ‘your company” so I can get a sense of your business.”

Through the story, listen and let them talk. When they stop to breathe, say;

“Let me ask you, what gears do you think are grinding right now? What is the greatest obstacle?”

You might you hear the owner complain about losing contacts and sales. Turns out the client has a terrible contact management system and no backups.

Offer to deploy a better contact system and handle the migration & backups. Integrate this contact system with Facebook’s Lead Ads – use FB Lead Ads to build his customer list.

You can even take this a step further and deploy a more complex system such as Infusionsoft. It is both one of the most well-throughout and simultaneously confusing systems I’ve ever used. Yes, it is complicated, but the value it can deliver cannot be over-stated. Luckily, they have plenty of help docs and even teams to perform any work – services you just resell to your clients; taking a piece of the pie for managing the project.

Obviously this is a bigger project and a bit outside of the scope of this course; however, I just wanted you to get a sense for how big you can scale this type of consulting work.

Such a service as I have just described can net $5,000 to $10,000 from a medium sized business without them so much as batting an eye.

The reason being is that expense is a fraction of what they stand to lose if they don’t manage their customer lists profitably.

Pro-tip: Terrible contact management is a fairly common problem among small to medium sized businesses who while knowing their trade, know positively nothing about online infrastructure and methods to modernize their business in this area.

If you become an expert on managing & marketing to contacts for businesses, you will have a guaranteed high-paying job for life, and you’ll have the ear of that business owner – someone who will trust you in all things online marketing and digital management.

Now you can see how a gateway service can blossom into multiple, high ticket campaigns for a client, and keep them buying for years. And it all starts by getting to know them, selling some simple services that alleviate a pain, and making offers for progressively larger price points & projects.

Ultimately, this is the strategy for growth. You won’t be able to get every client to climb the ‘value ladder,’ but you don’t need many.

Bag just 5 to 10 long-term high-paying clients and your personal and professional life gets an upgrade.


By now, you can see the power and simplicity in this work-at-home opportunity. There are so many businesses out there not using Facebook correctly, and many more not using Facebook advertising.

Now, do you want to know how you can make this even easier and almost completely hands-off?

The single best way to make this easier is to outsource the busy work, so you can focus on running and growing the business (and enjoying the rewards.)

Below you will find an outsourcer who will be able to quickly and cost-effectively perform the majority of the work discussed in this course, and do it under your brand. Clients only know they are working with you and not a white label reseller or outsourcer.

This outsourcer can fulfil a variety of services for your clients.

For example:

  • Organic & Local SEO
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay Per Click

For these services, please visit: https://www.seoclerks.com

Other tasks can be performed by outsourcers who are easily found on

Fiverr.com and Upwork.com. These tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Prospecting
  • Telephone & Email Sales
  • Advertising Graphic Design
  • Landing Page Design
  • Hosting Management

Whatever the task, job, or role you are looking to fill with an outsourcer, just remember to only work with vendors who have a solid history, great reviews, and a high rating.

On a final note, once you completely understand this opportunity, and have some experience under your belt; you can focus your efforts on putting a team of outsourcers (or even local employees), who can run everything for you while you be the boss.

Just document your personal process. If it is working, and doesn’t break any security rules, and if you have it in your budget; outsource the work and use your time more effectively – which will always be increasing the volume of prospecting and outreach you are doing.


The only thing left is for you to take the first step and follow the training I’ve given you in this guide.

Remember: Reading this guide will not make you any money, only going out there and contacting business owners who post their gigs.

Follow the training outlined in this guide. The more business owners you contact and the more follow ups you do, the bigger and faster you will grow. Clients who will pay you handsomely; money you can put right in your pocket.