3 SECRET Steps to Make Money on Instagram WITHOUT Followers – Fast & Efficient

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Hi there! It is such a thrill to share with you these 3 amazing steps that I have used to make money with Instagram and that ANYONE can follow to start a profitable Instagram business fast! When you go through the information here please make notes. So, shall we begin? Let’s go!

Most people will tell you that to make money with Instagram you have to sell affiliate products, which are basically other people’s products that you sell and get commission on each sale you make

Now the problem with affiliate products is you don’t get to keep all of the money from the sales and on top of that it becomes really difficult to find good affiliate products that will actually benefit your customers who buy that product through you. So what is the solution to that?

Maybe you can create your own product but that is too much work and requires knowledge. Or you can buy a product from someone else and sell it as yours for whatever price you like and to any number of people you want to sell it to. But then comes the cost. If you buy a product from SOMEONE it will cost you a lot! So how about we buy it from SOMEPLACE for less than $10 for every product?! Take a seat and read on


Imagine if you could buy an eBook for just $7 and then sell it to other people countless number of times charging them as you like but you only pay for it once. That my friend is what we call a “PLR Product”

These PLR Products come in forms of


Video courses


And are available for almost all niches (fitness, cooking, make money online, motivation, dogs and so on) and on every topic that can sell

So, imagine if you buy a video course for $7 (yes, that’s how cheap you can get them for) you can sell it for $97 and if you only make 10 sales you will still bank $970! Below are the best websites where you can purchase PLR products to sell using your credit/debit card or PayPal

The trusted PLR Product websites are –






So, all you have to do is hop on to one of the PLR websites above and buy a PLR product for less than $10 (it can be a video course, eBook or even audiobooks or all of these in a bundle)


  1. You have to pay for a product only once and then you will get the licence to resell that product infinite number of times for whatever price you decide
  2. Please keep in mind that when you buy a PLR product to sell it, you review it and consider It only when you are sure it will benefit the person who buys it
  3. Most times the cover of the eBook or the video course you buy here is not good enough and so make sure you spend $7 on Fiverr and get a decent looking cover image. Some good recommendations for eBook cover creators on Fiverr would be these people who I’ve personally done business with and they all start at just $5 (plus a standard $2 Fiverr services fee)
    • oliviaprodesign – (Olivia)
    • acegraphics_pro – (Sam)
    • rebecacovers – (Rebeca)


Now that we have solved the problem of finding a great product to sell in the first place we can move on to the next step which is to create a funnel/landing page

Q. What is a Funnel / Landing Page

Ans. When you bought this eBook you had to come to a Landing Page or a funnel where you saw it, read about it and then it took you to the payment page from where you could download it. That’s a funnel. And if you are going to sell a product you are going to need a Funnel too. So, how can you build one?

2. Build a Funnel

To build a funnel you have various choices for your first funnel builder. Here are 2 that I have personally used and would recommend

Click Funnels

Click funnels is the most popular funnels and landing page builders. It provides the best in class tools to sell your products online. You get a FREE 14 day trial when you sign up for an account with your credit card. However it charges $97/month for the basic plan and all the way up to $297 for the premium pack that includes the email marketing service (about that in a minute) Now, if you have the money to spend go for it but if you don’t, hold tight I got you!

Get Response

This is a wonderful and efficient landing page builder where you will be able to build a great working landing page for your product and you also get email marketing service with this. You get a FREE 28 days trial when you sign up for Get Response but you can have only one working landing page during the free trial.

Get Response provides everything you will need to sell your PLR product. And it only costs

$49/month for the PRO package that allows you to have 5000 people on your email list (you will have made plenty of money before you hit 5000 emails) and I highly recommend that over the basic plan that costs $30/month ($15 for a 1000 people email list + $15 for unlimited landing pages which is an add on) Because with the basic plan you cannot allow the people to pay and download from your landing page and you’re forced to use 3rd party websites. Just go with the PRO package and save the hassle.

Please note that the prices might change. Today is 23rd December, 2018 at the time of writing this information

Tips for funnels

Keep the funnel components light because if the page takes time to load most people will not wait and exit

Use odd numbers

Do not overload with information

Write trustworthy testimonials (with name, city and a photo)

Use logical flow (Explanation Benefits Testimonials Call To action)

Scarcity and Urgency

  • Limited stock “only 8 left”
  • Show countdown
  • Sale ends on Friday at 5PM EST

Show The Value

Was $199 – Now $149

A 30% savings!

Uploading your product for download

In the funnel builder software’s you can easily link your PayPal account inside the landing page “Pay” option and upload your product file so that your customers can directly pay and download the file and the money will be sent to your PayPal


when you upload the landing page link to the Instagram bio make sure the pages are linked to one unique domain name otherwise the Instagram algorithm will remove the link thinking it’s spam. Essentially it means build the entire funnel in one template using the main and the thank you page which will be easier to understand once you get your hands on the funnel builder.


When someone comes to your funnel they will not buy the product the very first time (not everyone) so you will need to collect their emails and retarget them again with your products using those emails. This is called email marketing and it’s the strongest asset you have. Over time the many emails you will collect from various different product sales have to be nurtured. You will have to consistently provide them value and build a relationship of trust with them by sending them emails with free value in it so next time you launch a product they know they have to buy it because it is from YOU (That is why I asked you to review your PLR product before selling it)

Let us consider that a person entered their email but did not buy. Now you have the option to send them emails telling them how that product will change their lives, for the next few days motivating them to buy or else you can send them casual emails every 2 or 3 days with one of these 3 things



Value and Offer

Imagine 2 years from now, you sold 100’s of PLR products and you built an email list of 600,000 subscribers along the way. You interact with them regularly. You give them a lot of information for free that helps them. You never pitch them anything that can’t benefit them and so they’ve come to trust you. One day you decide to write another eBook and price it at $7. You sell that eBook to your email list which is, don’t forget, 600,000 people! And maybe 30,000 people buy. Now I want you to pay attention to the figures. $7 eBook sold to 30,000 people means you make $210,000!

Let’s say it took you 5 days to write the eBook and one day to create the funnels. So, you make $210,000 in less than a week with email marketing! That’s how powerful it is. Leverage it. Don’t miss out

That is how email marketing is done and therefore the more emails you have and the kind of relationship you have with them decides your success (you can schedule emails to be sent automatically every day with various configuration settings in each email marketing / funnel builder service)


  • Send emails regularly
  • You will need to purchase a business email along with the domain (very cheap) because then your email list will receive emails from a professional email ID like [email protected] instead of a personal email address like [email protected] and that looks more promising
  • Make sure you chose a good domain name because that domain name will come after contact@ in your email ID


Now, you know what you have to sell (PLR product) and you have it beautifully decorated on the shelf in your store (Funnel) but how will you get people to walk into the store and consider buying? That’s where the power of Instagram comes in!

3. Get Instagram Influencer ads

Now, here’s where the magic happens because right now Instagram is the most heavily used social media platform which makes it an absolute no brainer to use it as a traffic source BUT still only 33% of the internet marketers use it to drive traffic to their products. That’s a golden opportunity for you right here, right now!

Common sense would tell you that you need a page with 1000’s of followers to make money with Instagram. Here is how the math looks to an average guy who does not invest in the knowledge of how Instagram works

  1. You start a page and work hard day and night gaining followers
  2. Then you start to advertise in your stories and in posts
  3. You DM people telling them about this hot new product that you have to offer

But the sad part is people even fail to grow their account/page on Instagram usually giving up after a 1000 followers because it took them 4 months and a lot of work

Now, here’s how YOU will do it

There are already people sitting there who have grown their pages to 500,000 and to 800,000 followers that are ready (in fact desperate) to promote your products on their pages because the truth is most of these Instagram influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers are going broke and going back to their jobs. So with the right strategies you can get them to promote your PLR product for very little cost. I’m talking just $25 or $35!

How to find these Influencers?

First of all it is obvious that you have to find pages related to the niche of the PLR product you are selling. If you sell a motivation or make money eBook / video course you will need to find pages that focus on motivation and entrepreneurship. So let us continue with that example.

All you have to do is search the most common hashtag related to these pages and then look up each page in the suggestions for their follower count. You can look up terms like motivation, inspiration, millionaire, hustle etc that populate such pages


Make sure you chose an account with at least 500,000 followers because that is where you will get the best return on your investment

Picking out authentic pages with genuine followers –

In most cases you will find that some of these big pages that have a lot of followers will have very low engagement (the number of likes and comments they are getting on their posts) because they tend to buy followers for money and therefore are not a good choice. So, you need to follow the steps below to make sure you only chose pages with real followers because only real followers can buy your PLR product

  • Check their engagement

You can use various tools to check the average likes and comments that the posts are getting on a particular page. This is very important because sometimes pages with huge follower bases have low engagement getting only a few 1000 likes and less than a 100 comments. And so, even though you thought the page had a lot of followers you still did not get enough emails or sales. How do you do this? You can use any of these tools given below to check a page’s engagement



Check the Instagram engagement calculators on these sites

What numbers to look for?

Generally engagement between 2.5% and 5% is a great sign but any page whose engagement is less than 1% is a NO

Also remember that the smaller the page, more the engagement

More checks to ensure authenticity of followers –

Now check out the latest 4 posts on the page and make sure you see the people who have liked and commented on the post. Generally the people who have liked should be genuine profiles and not other pages. So make sure you scroll through the profiles and they have human figures in the display pictures. Do this check on the recent 4 posts

Contact the influencer/ page owner

Now that we have carefully selected some pages it’s time to contact them. Most times you can directly DM them but sometimes they have their emails displayed in the bio where they expect business messages to come

Send a simple DM – “BUSINESS RELATED! Just curious what your shout-out rates are. Looking for influencers to work with long term. Let me know what we can set up for a test. Thanks!”

Now generally these guys get a lot of DM’s from their followers etc so send this message to a lot of different pages and often (but don’t look desperate)

After they reply –

Ask them for stat screenshots, audience and current story views

Prices –

This is how much you should pay for the respective amount of followers

  • (more than) < (less than)
    • < 50k = $10 max
    • 50k – 150k = $10 – $20
    • 150k – 300k = $25 – $40
    • 300k – 500k = $40 – $65

Payment method –

Always pay through PayPal goods/services ONLY because that way if an influencer doesn’t deliver what was agreed upon you can always get your money back by filing a complaint in the resolution centre. Make sure the influencer sends you an invoice with all details agreed upon before you pay up

The Viewership Curve –

Your post is most effective the first 2 hours So why would you pay them for 24 hour post shout-outs when you know that 80% of their audience watches it in the first 2-3 hours and after that the post is basically dead. So don’t pay for those long 12 or 24 hour shout outs. Also ask the influencer to not post anything new while your post is running because then when the new post appears your post dies as well. Do the same for stories and ask them to remove any other story while your promotion is running. Also make sure you have your link to your funnel properly set up in the Instagram bio of the page. So, people will see the ad post and go to the page and click the link in bio

Structuring Instagram ads

So how do you make a great Instagram ad post that gets people to click on it to check it out?

If you are selling an eBook then click the photo of a book you have at home. Something like this below

And then ask the person who created the eBook cover for you on Fiverr to create a 3D image of that cover by taping it on this book in the image and the final product should look something like the second image above. That will be your ad image that you post. They usually charge extra $5 – $10 for this but this is absolutely important because this way it looks more real and if you have a great caption and a curious cover title then you will definitely get clicks and traffic to your funnel

Caption –

The followers of a page have a certain relationship built with the page. The one of trust and so your ad comes off as more credible if it’s a personal recommendation from the page owner himself. So your caption needs to be first person narrative telling his followers how good the product is and how they can get it now at a discount which is limited and so they should click the link in bio right away. Here is an example for caption writing from one of the Instagram ads I launched for a product called The “7 Figure Mastery” eBook

“I get a lot of questions about making money online, which is why I’m so happy to tell you about The 7 Figure Mastery

The book is not about the basic mindset formation but solid, real world tested techniques that you can use to build your first online business

Right now, you can get access for only $7, and with your purchase, we are going to throw in 4 FREE bonuses – A master reveal of the secret techniques used by wealthy online millionaires, AND a bonus eBook that will help you accelerate your growth and profits online – (Plus 2 more SECRET bonus gifts)

I strongly recommend this program for anyone who is working towards the goal of making money on the internet, regardless of where they are in the process –

Get your copy today by clicking the link in my bio @pagehandle”

Now, you can do this 2 ways

1. Put the price in the caption without a front end FREE offer

So here all you do is post the picture of the eBook you’re selling and tell them it’s limited and exclusive for $7. This generally works for products that are less than $10 and what happens here is that not a lot of people come to the landing page but the conversion increases. Essentially 9/10 people who click the link buy

  1. Keeping a FREE front End offer

Now, let’s say you’re selling a video course for $97. So, now it would be foolish to follow the former step. You will need to first offer a free eBook that motivates people to come to the landing page, there they will enter their email to get access to the eBook and then they will be redirected to a page where you will sell them your video course (the free eBook will be sent by email in 30 minutes – all such automated email settings are available in the email marketing software’s discussed above) If they don’t buy the video course right there you can always retarget them with email


You don’t have to write an eBook to give them for FREE again just use one PLR product that you give away for free to sell another (upload the eBook to amazon s3 which is a free service for the first 12 months and then $1-$3 a month thereafter and share the link in the email)

A good example of that are these 2 recent campaigns

In the first one I directly sell a PLR product named “7 Figure Mastery” with no FREE front end offer and the price given directly in the caption and when user clicked the link in bio they went straight to the page where they could directly buy it

Whereas in the second campaign where I tried to sell another eBook named “The Super Affiliate” I used the 7 Figure Mastery as a FREE front end offer that people entered their email to get access to for FREE and then I pitched them The Super Affiliate eBook for $7.99

Now that you know how funnels work with all the Front end offers and all it’s important to understand how to structure your stories as well


Tell a story. Simple. Here’s the story from the “7 Figure Mastery” ad

Just like that you can buy 3 PLR products and sell one for $49 and give the other 2 as bonuses or keep one as a FREE front end offer!

Always remember – Front End Offers are KEY!


The 3 Steps to follow –

  1. Get a PLR Product
  2. Build a Funnel
  3. Show ads on Instagram pages

I have tried my best to provide the most valuable information in this eBook at a little cost and it has been kept short so you only have to focus on the most important things.

“Dream big. Swing hard. You might just hit it”